Baggage Reconciliation and Management System

The Lyngsoe Baggage Reconciliation and Management System (BRS) is a completely automated baggage reconciliation, tracking and management solution delivering real-time data to handlers, airlines and airports. The system is fully ICAO Annex 17 compliant and executes the reconciliation automatically.

In addition to the reconciliation functionalities, the BRS provides an intelligent management system to elevate the baggage handling process, prevent short-shipped and misrouted baggage, enhancing the communication pathways and providing a common service platform for those involved in handling passengers and their belongings.

Baggage reconciliation - a shared service platform

Lyngsoe Baggage ReconciliationThe basic need is to ensure the reconciliation between passenger and baggage efficiently. But once the system is there – why not take full advantage of its potentials and use the platform to improve the communication between handlers and airlines.

If for instance, a handler scans a bag with the handheld terminal (HHT) and that bag should have been somewhere else, first of all the handler gets a “not authorized” to load the bag – but furthermore the handler who should have had the bag gets a notice on his HHT with the whereabouts of the bag. This way of issuing various notifications to handlers via the HHT is one of many proactive features supporting a fast and efficient baggage handling process and the cooperation between the parties involved.

Benefits with the Lyngsoe Baggage Reconciliation and Management system

Baggage reconciliation and management

  • Identify problematic areas in the baggage-handling process
  • Avoid short-shipment and misrouting of bags
  • Avoid flight delays attributed to baggage handling
  • Automatic identification of ‘not authorized’ baggage
  • Swift identification of baggage and transport unit locations


  • Improve communication between involved parties
  • Keep handlers and airlines informed at all times of all issues related to their baggage


  • Enhance passenger safety and flight security

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» Crisplant is distributor of the Lyngsoe BRS system.

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