RFID on Baggage

Cost of mishandled or lost baggage are major issues in the air transport industry and one of Lyngsoe Systems’ core competencies is to improve the baggage handling processes significantly, which includes finding and eliminating the reasons for mishandled baggage.

World leader in RFID

What started out as a pioneering RFID on Baggage project with Hong Kong International Airport, has now evolved into complete Lyngsoe RFID on Baggage solutions, delivering the highest performance in the market. Since the early start of the 1990’ we have developed RFID solutions for deployment in the postal sector, airports and supply chains and operates today one of the largest RFID networks with installations in 60 countries worldwide.

Aalborg Airport

Søren Svendsen, CEO Aalborg Airport states, “We have almost doubled the number of weekly departures over the last two years and it is still growing. First of all, we need a new technology that can help us handle this increase in number of baggage. RFID is the future for baggage handling and will be able to provide us with new possibilities for accurate baggage handling as well as passenger services that we could not provide without it. Step one is to increase our baggage handling capacity, but the RFID technology offers many other possibilities. Therefore, the RFID solution from Lyngsoe will be the platform for a completely new way of thinking and providing passenger services."

Lisbon Airport

With a read rate of 99+ percent in Lisbon Airport, the only place in the world using solely RFID, no barcode to handle transfer baggage, earlier constraints in baggage handling have been removed. Together with the RFID on Baggage solution, Lyngsoe also supplied the Baggage Handling Control System.

Milan Malpensa Airport

As a result of the heavy increase in the number of passengers in recent years, and in order to meet the consequential capacity growth and efficiency requirements, Milan Malpensa Airport implemented RFID on Baggage from Lyngsoe in 2008.

Hong Kong International Airport

Proving their innovative and pioneer mind-set, Hong Kong International Airport were the first airport in the world to implement RFID on baggage. As a sub-contractor to Matrix (later Symbol and now Motorola), Lyngsoe delivered our RFID Middleware and made the RFID integration in 2004.

Possibilities with Lyngsoe RFID on Baggage:

  • Reduce number of mishandled bagsLyngsoe RFID on Baggage
  • Increase throughput of bags in the handling system
  • Improve baggage process visibility to airlines and handlers
  • Put focused attention on locations where responsibility for baggage is handed over
  • Increase security through an improved reconciliation process
  • Minimize need for manual encoding due to completely automated system

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