Production ManagementParcel on sorter

Managing a professional, high capacity sorting centre is not an easy task, and requires simple, smart production management tools to obtain high efficiency parcel sorting. Such tools can also provide valuable information for management of the parcel flow between hubs and sorting centres for optimum logistics. 


Optimization of planning and monitoring the parcel-sorting processes

The Production Management Tool (PMT) is developed for this purpose and is based on Lyngsoe's proven logistics management platform. PMT has a wide range of management and decision-making tools to optimize planning and monitoring of the parcel-sorting process. Transport plans can be adjusted according to real-time information on parcel volume at each hub, making it possible to optimize production capacity at central sorting centres. PMT also provides valuable information about sorting system capacity and productivity, which facilitates daily production planning. In addition, real-time monitoring of operations makes it possible to react quickly to production changes, or to easily update forecasting schedules.



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