May 19, 2021

Lyngsoe Systems welcomes RF Controls.

Lyngsoe Systems welcomes new partner – RF Controls We are very happy to announce that RF Controls is now a part of our fantastic supplier’s team. With the delivery of CS Smart Antenna from RF Controls we now have an essential component to deliver hands-free, continuous, pinpoint location accuracy in 2D or 3D of RAIN RFID (Passive UHF) tags. Hands-free, Wide Area, Always On, Continuous Scanning With antennas from RF Controls, the customers will be able to receive continuous, hands-free, location captured data of every asset unlocks amazing possibilities. Processes will be automated and improved. Companies will save money by reducing overhead costs and improving their bottom line margins. They’ll control losses, manage inventory, and re-invent logistics to a great degree. “Partnering with Lyngsoe Systems opens several doors and customer opportunities to innovate. RF Controls offers a unique overhead RTLS RFID solution which is not limited by the customers’ ceiling height, because of the long-read range and pinpoint location accuracy from CS Smart Antennas we are building digital twin strategies to expand visibility, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and help companies be more sustainable. Delivering indoor wall-to-wall visibility, capable of 1-2 ft location accuracy, provides the continuous hands-free data required for […]

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