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RFID vs Barcode in a retail store

RFID is a proven technology. At Lyngsoe Systems, we use the technology to manage the logistical processes custom-fitted to match the needs in different industries.

A previous challenge, the price of tags, has now settled on a reasonable level, and this comes in line with a higher need for exact real-time knowledge, which is why we experience great interest from several customers in sports, fashion, and textiles. It is precisely in these industries the technology is used both to detect the physical location of the individual product, whether it is in-store or in stock, as well as to manage the logistic process and or to control parallel imports.

About AVS

Are you aware of whether you are wasting time and money on your logistics process?
Do you experience shrinkage or trouble delivering the quality you want?
Are you able to recognize some of the following challenges?

All these processes can be automated and streamlined using AVS.

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We have extensive experience in automating logistics processes and how RFID technology can help to automate logistics processes.


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