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In order to optimize production of a growing product range of hydraulic proportional valves, Danfoss Power Solutions needed to reduce total lead time and streamline individual production processes.

The introduction of RFID tags programmed with product data enabled the company to:

  • Consolidate a total of six processes into one
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Reduce manual handling to the minimum.

Danfoss Power Solutions is a division of global controls manufacturer Danfoss. Group headquarters are in Denmark with 20 manufacturing and engineering facilities located around the world, plus sales companies and distributors.

The introduction of Lean manufacturing principles highlighted the need to streamline production lines. The line producing hydraulic proportional vales for the mobile hydraulics industry needed to reduce lead time, data entry errors and to reduce six independent processes into a single processing line. The ultimate aim was streamlined production of 150 different products, reduction of manual handling to the minimum, elimination of assembly errors and to cut costs.

Having decided that the application of RFID tags on products would be the solution, Danfoss Power Solutions needed to find a tag able to withstand its harsh production environment in which products are exposed to a 30% phosphoric and sulfuric acid mix, temperatures of up to 120⁰C, automated sorting and conveying and manual handling.

Danfoss Power Solutions successfully gained:

  • Streamlined production
  • Accurate production data generated and logged in real-time
  • Cost savings