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CASE: Honduras

Automatic container registration at Honduras' border crossing to facilitate trade and reduce fraud, corruption, theft, and smuggling

To support trade facilitation, reduce smuggling, fight corruption and make border crossing quicker and more efficient, Lyngsoe Systems, in a project supported by USAID, has delivered Lyngsoe Gate Readers™ for border crossings in Honduras, enabling the automatic registration of containers.

Such as border crossing and container registrations are automatically sent to authorities, ensures correct customs handling on all goods, and reduces theft, tampering, corruption, and smuggling.


The Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA) is the technical and administrative body of the Central American Economic Integration Process, with its own legal personality in accordance with international law. Having been granted full operational autonomy, it also serves as liaison to the other Economic Subsystem Secretariats while also coordinating with the Central American Integration System General Secretariat.


The United States Agency for International Aid (USAID) is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential. USAID, represented by trusted partner, NATHAN Inc., expertly managed the implementation in the Northern Triangle.


containers can sometimes wait days for the Aduanas de Honduras

Crossings at the border of El Amatillo in Honduras are notoriously slow. Due to high levels of smuggling and corruption, containers can sometimes wait days for the Aduanas de Honduras (DARA—Honduras Customs) to pass them through. This hampers trade. Ideally the government and SIECA (La Secretaría de Integración Económica Centroamericana) would like more efficient and speedier border crossings to facilitate trade, but this is not possible without the high security needed to combat corruption, fraud and smuggling.


Border crossing at El Amatillo with RFID Gate Readers

In a project financed by USAID, Lyngsoe Systems supplied the border crossing at El Amatillo with RFID Gate Readers. Used in conjunction with electronic container seals (eSeal), as well as Lyngsoe Vehicle Tags™ and Lyngsoe Badge Tags™, the RFID Gate Readers provide both DARA and SIECA with automatic registration of containers crossing the border. As the eSeal container seals are tamperproof, DARA and SIECA know exactly when a container was sealed, by whom, and whether it has been opened in transit. This means they have assurance that no items were placed in or removed from the container after sealing. This real-time monitoring of containers at border crossings is enabling the authorities to monitor border transit times and validate the wider use of eSeals.


Reduction of theft and tampering

  • Ensures correct customs handling on all goods
  • Reduction of theft and tampering
  • Reduction of transit times so facilitating trade
  • Obtain reliable management information
  • Platform for sharing data with other countries


Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics improve border crossing, facilitating trade and stamping out corruption, fraud, and smuggling

As part of Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ platform, the solution in El Amatillo supports the creation of a uniform platform to manage, process, and share data about containers and cross border transport between authorities in Central America to support long-term goals of improving border crossing, facilitating trade and stamping out corruption, fraud, and smuggling. The Gate Readers and eSeal system are providing the authorities with valid registrations of transit time at borders and enabling them to validate and test RFID eSeal, windshield tags, and driver badge tags. In addition, the solution is fully integrated with the current Honduras Customs and SIECA IT systems.

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