Location tracking
for hospital beds

Beds are one the most important assets in a hospital. Lack of beds in A&E means incoming patients cannot be treated in time.

X-Tracking™ is a real-time tracking solution enabling full visibility on the location of each bed and its status. Finding available beds is easier, beds are circulated faster and cleaning of beds is ensured. Our solutions are based on four main components: the user interface, Backend engine and integration layer, tags and tag readers. Allow us to introduce you to our solution!

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  • Lack of beds in A&E and bed wards
  • Spending too much time searching for special beds
  • Lack of overview of beds in circulation
  • Beds are not available on time, need to stock beds in corridors
  • Uncertain whether beds have been cleaned


Beds are tagged with hardcase passive RFID tags that can endure the washing and cleaning process for beds. One RFID tag is mounted on each bed in a position, where it can be easily read by ceiling mounted RFID antennas and RFID Handheld Terminals. The RFID tag is programmed with a GIAI code and displays a GIAI barcode and human readable text. Logo and contact information can also be added.

The RFID tag is read by RFID antennas installed at logistic choke points throughout the hospital. At each choke point, the bed automatically changes location in X-Tracking when passing through the choke point. If configured in X-Tracking, the bed also automatically changes status, e.g. a bed leaving the bed cleaning facility changes status to ‘Available’ and an event is created for the bed.

Beds are also tagged with Wirepas/BLE tags to enable real-time positioning of beds throughout the hospital. The Wirepas tag sends a signal at a high rate when the bed is moving and at a lower rate, when the bed is not moving. The Wirepas tag is read by a mesh network of Wirepas nodes, which is installed in a grid pattern throughout the hospital. In the backend tracking engine, tag positions are converted to locations e.g. bed ward, which is shown in the X-Tracking applications.


Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics manages and handles data consolidation of tag readings from all safety equipment, processing of data captured from barcodes and RFID tags. It handles location management and location master data.

Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics manages a trace database and provides validated tracking information for safety equipment through a standard EPCIS interface to frontend applications or ERP systems. Master data for safety equipment can be created and maintained in X-Tracking to replace local spreadsheets.


The RFID tags mounted on beds are read by xReaders installed in logistic choke points and by RFID Handheld Terminals carried by staff. The barcode on RFID tags can be scanned by the RFID Handheld Terminal.

xReaders are UHF RFID readers with ceiling mounted RFID antennas that are installed at both sides of a logistic choke point such as entries to bed depots, departments, and bed service facilities in the hospital. xReaders automatically read and track beds passing through choke points. Reading distance in a choke point is reduced to 3-4 meters and timing is within 1-2 seconds.

RFID Handheld Terminals are used by company staff to manually register a bed in a location and change the status of a bed e.g. checking a bed out of a depot.

The Wirepas tags mounted on beds are read by Wirepas anchors installed in a grid pattern. Wirepas backend software calculates the positions of Wirepas tags with an accuracy down to 3-5 meters. In areas where higher accuracy of 1-2 meters is needed, more Wirepas anchors can be installed.

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