Charlotte Thodberg Jensen

User Experience Designer

Lyngsoe Systems are not afraid to give young people a chance, and Charlotte Thodberg Jensen proves this. After learning about the company through an internship where Lyngsoe Systems also learned that user experience is crucial when there is a front-end developing involved. This lead to that shortly after graduation, her master’s in engineering psychology from Aalborg University.  Charlotte joined in 2017 the Lyngsoe Systems team in Aars, Denmark, in a new position where her role is working towards ensuring that the products that we deliver are as user-friendly as possible.

At Lyngsoe Systems, Charlotte has excellent opportunities to make her marks on the products and the processes. Lyngsoe Systems are very open to new great ideas and do make an effort to implement them.

Her daily tasks include visualizing user interfaces in the planning phase, before actual development, to ensure a shared understanding and aligning expectations in an early stage. Whenever she gets the opportunity, she visits customer sites and talk to end-users as well to include this knowledge in her work as well.

A social, as well as a professional working environment, is essential, especially as a younger person. In Lyngsoe Systems, Charlotte finds herself surrounded by friendly and skilled colleagues, who all wish to get the best out of the workday.


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