September 17, 2019


Adding more visibility to your postal process Back to Postal & Logistics Solutions STRATEGIC NEAR FIELD READING The Lyngsoe Process Reader™ is an intelligent, active, RFID reader with an integrated near-field exciter designed to cover strategic, operational processing points such as conveyors, sorting machines etc. The Lyngsoe Process Reader™ reads all types of Lyngsoe or UPU S56 compliant tags such as postal tags, container tags and vehicle tags. ENABLES PROCESS OPTIMIZATION When a tag passes a Lyngsoe Process Reader™, it reads and registers the unique tag ID along with the exact time of reading and its own ID number, facilitating the capture of exactly when an object passes a specific location. This information is subsequently transmitted to a server through LAN. DIAGNOSTIC MONITORING The Lyngsoe Process Reader™ is fully compatible with standard Lyngsoe RFID equipment facilitating easy integration with existing Lyngsoe RFID applications and more dense process monitoring. The Lyngsoe Process Reader™ also has a number of built-in watchdog functions for diagnostic monitoring of the unit including automatic reset functions, enabling optimum operation availability and uptime. BENEFITS Easy to install Objective SLA documentation A stand-alone unit that only needs power and network connection to operate Enables process optimization Provides objective […]
September 17, 2019


An intelligent RFID reader to supplement a barcode scanner when identifying and sorting parcels Back to Postal & Logistics Solutions INTELLIGENT RFID READER FOR SORTATION The Lyngsoe Sortation Reader™ can be placed on the induction of the parcel sorter or on the conveyor leading to the induction. The Sortation Reader reads and singulates RFID parcel tags and provides license plate data to the parcel handling system. INCREASE PARCEL HANDLING CAPACITY  The Sortation Reader enables Postal and Logistics operators to utilize the full capacity of the parcel handling system. Combining the information from both solutions, the percentage of correctly scanned parcels will increase to almost 100%, enabling you to meet the growth in parcel numbers without needing to invest heavily in expanding the parcel handling area. INCREASE PARCEL HANDLING EFFICIENCY AND IMPROVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Lyngsoe Sortation Reader™ provides precision and speed to the parcel handling process. It has high accuracy in singulation of parcels on inductions to high-speed sorters with reduced space between parcels. By improving low parcel tag read rates and manual sortation, and parcel delays can be avoided, saving the Postal and Logistics operators extensive mishandlingrelated costs and improving customer satisfaction. SIMPLE INTEGRATION TO EXISTING PARCEL HANDLING SYSTEM Flexible to install and easily integrated to existing parcel handling systems, it does not require wide-scale space for mounting. The Sortation Reader is a straightforward installation […]
September 17, 2019


Advanced, active, postal RFID tag that fits into a test letter and can be inserted into the mail flow Back to Postal & Logistics Solutions ADVANCED LETTER TAG The Lyngsoe Postal Active RFID Tag™ is capable of passing through letter sorting machines. It is flexible, weighs less than 11 grams and will withstand dust, rain, frost, UV light, mechanical sorting and humidity. REPLACEABLE BATTERY The tag design enables battery replacement by the customer significantly lowering the cost of ownership. The new advanced LF antenna design has reduced the size of the tag significantly. This LF antenna design also enables even better control of the LF footprint. RELIABLE DETECTION Each Lyngsoe Postal Active RFID Tag™ is programmed with a unique, ID number. When within 3 meters or less of an excitation reading point the tag transmits its ID. The transmission is collected by readers as far away as 30 meters but typically 15 meters. The tag is only active when activated by an exciter. When out of excitation range it is in dormant mode, which allows for transportation in air crafts. HIGH-SPEED READING The Lyngsoe Postal Active RFID Tag™ can easily be read when exposed by an exciter when transported in […]
September 16, 2019


The solution for monitoring e-commerce packages and mail tracing, creating visibility of package and letter flow Back to Postal & Logistics Solutions MULTI-PURPOSE PORTAL The Lyngsoe RTLS RFID Portal™ Portal series are intelligent, ISO 18000-6C EPC Gen2 RFID stand-alone portals designed to cover strategic congestion points such as entrances and exit gates, conveyors and sorting machines. When an EPC Gen2 tag passes the portal, it reads the unique tag ID and adds both the exact time of reading and the portal ID number. Subsequently, this data can be transmitted to a server through a WiFi or LAN connection. DETAILED TRACK & TRACE DATA By enriching the raw data through a data capture middleware it will enable the receiver to see the progress of the package, and also be alerted about delays that will influence time of delivery. EASY INSTALLATION The portals are WiFi enabled, so no extra cost for installation of connection cables is required. The Plug N’ Play installation philosophy is supported by the Installation and Test Tool (ITT) app; a complete package needed for both installation and provisioning, enabling the installer to perform a complete site survey and installation without assistance from Lyngsoe Systems. FUTURE-PROOF TECHNOLOGIES The Lyngsoe RTLS RFID Portal™ Portal is prepared for future upgrades, due to surplus capacity in both hardware and software. New software […]