Laura J. Corbin

Service Director

Laura J. Corbin finished her master's degree in mechanical engineering from Newcastle University in England in 2003. Shortly after, she joined FKI Logistex and spent two years in their Graduate program. During this program, Laura worked in work in four companies within FKI and in three countries, the USA, the Czech Republic, and England.

Laura completed the Graduate Program and started as a project engineer in 2006, still in FKI Logistex, settling down in the division in Frederick, Maryland. Lyngsoe Systems acquired the global FKI Logistex Library Solutions in September 2009.

Currently, she works on all things Service. Service Agreement’s with customers, including all aspects of the service they receive from the Hotline to Preventative Maintenance visits and spare parts. We aim to provide the best customer service experience, and it is her role to make sure that happens.

In her job, Laura travels to visit all our customers in North America, and she loves it! The best part is talking to our customers and making sure we provide what they want and need to be successful.

She enjoys seeing sites go from sorting without Automated Material Handling equipment, wondering how it will ever work. To one year later, where they are not to be able to remember how to sort without it.


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