Optimize your logistical processes


Real-time asset location tracking

Find out where your asset, cargo, or products are located – in real-time 

We are a global leader in visibility and automation of logistical processes, helping our clients save staff time, optimize their asset utilization and increase their customer satisfaction. We specialize in the field of automation and data capture and offer a broad range of solutions for different industries worldwide.

Our solutions include hardware, software, and services that help to improve the visibility, quality, reliability, and security of our customers’ value-creating processes. Technology-wise we are strong in RFID, but we also believe in “best-fit technology” and therefore also support technologies such as Bluetooth low energy (BLE), Sigfox, barcode, GPS, and LAN, either as single technologies or in the combination best suited to the client’s project.

RFID solution

End-to-end scalable solutions

We offer our clients purpose-specific turnkey solutions and take end-to-end responsibility that can be easily implemented into your current processes and existing IT landscape. The solution is always designed upon our highly acknowledged and flexible platform, which can fit into the clients’ existing IT infrastructure.

Using our platform Lyngsoe Live Logistics™ and extensive knowledge of logistics optimization, we never start from scratch. Our philosophy is straightforward – start small and scale horizontally and vertically when your business is ready to absorb the introduced technology in new areas.

No matter which industry you belong to, we will help you optimize your logistical processes, information systems, and, more importantly, your overall supply-chain connectivity and data reliability.

Connect your physical flow to the digital landscape

Our core business is capturing and filtering logistics data then enriching and sharing it in an easily accessible and value-added format for our clients’ business systems.

We offer a platform under the brand name Lyngsoe Live Logistics™. The platform is designed to collect, handle and process a huge amount of data, not only from RFID sources but from multiple technologies.

By standardizing and automating information extraction processes using Lyngsoe Live Logistics™, enterprises can become more productive and accurate by extracting knowledge and intelligence from unstructured content. This way, they will gain:

  • Insights that accurately reflect operational reality
  • The potential for effective digital transformation initiatives and better business outcomes

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