One Tracking solution across two Trusts

CASE: Bradford & Airedale Hospitals NHS Trusts

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust share costs and implement Lyngsoe X-Tracking™ RFID real-time location tracking solution.

About the two Trusts

The Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is an acute Trust serving a population of 0.5m (specialist services to 1.1m across West Yorkshire). It is a very busy hospital with around 6,000 newborn babies per year, 300,000 operations performed, 140,000 A&E attendances and 500,000 outpatient appointments.

As a teaching hospital it is one of the very few in the UK to deliver care, teaching and research. It is the first in Europe to implement a Command Centre to manage patient flow, aiming for HIMSS level 7.

Both Bradford and Airedale are part of the WYAAT – West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trust. Working together in partnership, improving health and care services across West Yorkshire and Harrogate.

The Airedale NHS Foundation Trust is an award-winning NHS hospital Trust. Their mission is to be a world class local organisation working in partnership to ensure the best for their patients. Leading and innovating in their field to give patients the best possible quality care.

Airedale employ over 2,500 staff and have over 350 committed volunteers. With a yearly treatment of over 32,000 inpatients, 31,000 non-elective patients and 144,000 outpatients. The Emergency Department see more than 70,000 patients and over 2,000 babies are born at Airedale Hospital.

"Prior to the pandemic, finding equipment across busy hospital sites presented genuine challenges. COVID added to that difficulty with increased demand for equipment and reduced access to the wards. Working with Lyngsoe Systems to deploy a solution that tracks an initial 38,000 assets will ensure more staff capacity and expertise is available to provide essential care."

Aubrey Sitch, Programme Manager, Scan4Safety


Delays in searching for medical devices and equipment

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust have experienced delays when searching for medical devices and equipment across hospital sites.

Both Trusts share a Scan4Safety program team who are helping each hospital to adopt and implement the GS1 Standards. Part of the project is to re-label all assets with the new GS1 Standard and as they were commencing this task, it also made sense to implement an asset tracking solution to adress the challenges:

  • Clinical Staff spend time searching for devices
  • Medical Engineering struggle to find and maintain equipment on time
  • Finding a solution that is a GS1 Approved Product Solution register


Lyngsoe X-Tracking™ supports GS1 standards

The X-Tracking™ is a scalable, enterprise level logistics tracking solution has been integrated with each of the hospitals’ e-Quip asset management solutions. X-Tracking™ has a 5-layer architecture structure to capture, process and manage GS1 data. The solution supplied consists of:

  • Tracking 38,000 items across the two hospitals using 260 RFID fixed point readers at ‘choke-points’ such as ward entrances and exits.
  • Passive RFID asset labels and tags
  • Handheld portable data capture devices
  • Mobile data capture using the Mobile Data Capture Cart (MDCC)
  • Integrated with E-Quip asset management software

X-Tracking™ is developed for tracking all types of assets and it’s especially important working with high and medium risk medical devices. Read more about the Lyngsoe X-Tracking™ here.

X-Tracking™ is GS1 compliant and Certified as a GS1 Approved Product. Read more about the GS1 Standards here.

GS1 Approved logo


Lyngsoe X-Tracking™ allowing staff to search and locate equipment

Bradford and Airedale already had a shared IT department and it made sense to share the costs of the investment in X-Tracking™ to help manage and track their large fleet of mobile medical devices.

Anticipated benefits will include:

  • Save time – easy to find medical equipment ready for use
  • Quickly identify medical devices due and/or overdue planned preventative maintenance (PPM)
  • Medical Engineering improve efficiency locating devices
  • Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance for managing medical devices
  • Manage risks and support Trust’s patient safety initiatives



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