Michael Kværndrup

Product Manager

Michael Kværndrup joined the Lyngsoe Systems team in Aars, Denmark, in 2017 as a project manager currently working with products in retail and logistics. He is responsible for coordinating the activities required to bring new products/solutions to the market.

Michaels role as product manager involves cross-functional dialogue with colleagues from different departments. It is his responsibility that everybody involved in the chain from development to sales and marketing is aligned, and the product launch is successful.

Graduating in 2006, Michael has a master’s degree in economics and business administration from Aalborg University. Before Lyngsoe Systems, he worked ten years at the Danish IT Company KMD A/S.

Michael likes working for Lyngsoe Systems because days are often not alike, which makes it interesting. In a medium-sized enterprise, it is possible to have short decision-making processes, and this fits his personal thrive for flexibility and responsibility. If you want to get your ‘hands dirty’ in a profound practical way, that is also possible.

Lyngsoe Systems is a place where the employee has a high degree of flexibility and knowledge about the areas they work within. And not to forget to mention the colleagues with whom it is also possible to have fun informally both during the working hours and after work.


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