Mogens Beltoft

Senior Developer

When Mogens Beltoft completed his Master of Science  Electrical Engineering from Aalborg University in 1996, they were four from that class who gained employment at Lyngsoe Systems. 

"The company was then quite young and we developed software to Post Denmark's parcel sorters". 11 years later Mogens wanted new challenges. He got a job in another company and stayed there for 3 years. Then he chose to come back to Lyngsoe Systems.

"It has been very positive to come back! All the good colleagues are still there - and on top of that, I have new challenges" he states. Since his return, Mogens has among others worked with RFID traceability on fish crates and on Lyngsoe System's Warehouse Management System.

"We have our fingers 'in the oil' - in the way that what we do makes a difference. We are involved throughout the whole development process and we have contact to the customer - so we know that what we do does make a difference. It is not only an inbox with trivial tasks that need to be solved."