December 5, 2017

Royal Cornwall hospitals trust choose track & trace solution

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust in the UK has recently signed an agreement with Getinge and Lyngsoe Systems for an innovative GS1 compliant track and trace solution for hospital equipment and assets. The solution, which includes both passive RFID (radio frequency identification) and active RTLS (real-time location system), is designed to increase the tracking scalability and flexibility at the NHS Trust’s three hospitals, helping staff to monitor the location of hospital equipment and assets across all sites. Being GS1 compliant, the platform as provided by Getinge and Lyngsoe Systems is designed to increase operating efficiency, patient safety, levels of service, visibility, while reducing purchasing costs on various asset groups. “The selection as partner provides us with an exciting opportunity to contribute to the UK healthcare system – we look forward to contributing to innovation in close collaboration with Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust and Getinge,” said Lyngsoe Systems’ Sales Manager – Palle Madsen. “Scalable, flexible and efficient track & trace solutions like this not only increase efficiency of employees and safety of citizens, but also free up time, which can be spent caring for and treating patients,” Madsen added. About GetingeGetinge is a leading global provider of products and systems that […]
February 20, 2017

Healthcare Denmark releases new white paper

Lyngsoe Systems is proud to have been a collaborator to Healthcare DENMARK’s first white paper about Hospital Logistics, available on their site now. The paper presents the concept of healthcare logistics and presents pioneering solutions helping Danish hospitals to be more efficient, improving patient safety and treatment quality. As a leading provider of location information to a range of healthcare IT-Systems, we are proud to have contributed with our experience within locating assets and personnel at the New University Hospital in Aarhus, and how  we will provide logistics related information at two centralized sterile centers in the Capital region, helping them to enable transparency of the sterile equipment flows to all the regional hospitals. Get the white paper and learn more.  Contact our sales team for more information on
February 8, 2016

Hospitals can save valuable time and increase patient care

Recent analysis shows that current hospital personnel uses about 12 minutes each shift to search for resources, and with the new generation of superhospitals being build, the risk of using more time on finding beds, equipment and people, can increase dramatically. As one of these new superhospitals, The New University Hospital (DNU) in Aarhus will be fully supplied with state-of-the-art equipment and systems within a staggering 375,000m² building. With over 800 beds, 100,000 admitted patients and 900,000 outpatients a year at full capacity logistical challenges would occur. Lyngsoe Systems is currently together with Systematic delivering the world’s largest RFID-based tracking installation of its kind, creating visibility for available resources for equipment and localization of personnel. By minimizing valuable time spent on locating misplaced items and people, an increase towards patient care and service can improve satisfaction for everyone involved. Lyngsoe Systems has for over 40 years worked with many different branches all over the world to increase logistic and service quality, using RFID solutions for track and trace. By utilizing wireless technology to efficiently and automatically track components and optimize future workflows. Read more about our work with The New University Hospital (DNU). To know more about our work within […]