January 18, 2019

Patented intelligence in RFID baggage handling

Lyngsoe Systems are happy to announce a patent in the Airport and Airline business regarding the Lyngsoe Sortation Reader™. This emphasizes Lyngsoe Systems as a first mover technology wise as the patented Sortation Reader is the first of its kind to utilize advanced software algorithms to uniquely match the bag with the correct RFID baggage tag. It intelligently eliminates RFID cross-readings from other nearby RFID tags and achieving very high performance on the read rate. The Sortation Reader does not require intrusive and “difficult to install” RF shielding. When passenger satisfaction and flawless handling goes hand in hand Behind the patent is an organization Lyngsoe Systems whose purpose is to offer a specific turnkey solution, so modern airports can meet the demands in the baggage handling operation with the goal to deliver an extensive service to passengers and at the same time running a cost-effective and profitable business. Meanwhile preparation for future demands where the capacity will be pushed to the limit with an increasing number of travelers and a rising demand for accurate information about baggage. Handling the baggage is a key area in any airport where loading and transfer times represent a key factor in competing for the business. […]
January 10, 2019
Sort Mate 2000 Modern Library Awards

Library Mate™ and Sort Mate™ awarded with platinum

Lyngsoe Systems is pleased to announce that we have received two platinum awards at Library Works’ fourth annual Modern Library Awards (MLA). The MLAs were created to recognize the top products and services in the library industry in a truly unbiased format. Only customers with experience with the nominated products/services in their facilities were permitted to judge the products/services resulting in an unbiased score. “We are extremely happy that the library community is seeing and feeling the benefits from the products we provide. We couldn’t be prouder and will continue to deliver the high-quality standard that our customers have gotten accustomed to” says Lyngsoe Systems US President Cory McCoy. The two awards are given to products which are well-known in installations around US and we expect to see even more of them in the years to come. The Lyngsoe Library Mate™ 2100 received its third annual platinum MLA award in a row. It’s an exterior patron return designed specifically to endure outdoor weather conditions and is easy to use for patrons while eliminating repetitive tasks for the staff. The Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000, the modular sorter system also received platinum MLA award. Designed to allow for flexible adaption to any small […]
December 18, 2018

Visit from the Danish Minister of Health

Intelligent management of hospitals – the Danish Minister of Health pays Lyngsoe Systems a visit On Monday, December 17th, 2018 we had the honor of welcoming the Danish Minister of Health, Ellen Trane Nørby to Lyngsoe Systems’ Headquarters. The minister was here to learn about how tracking and localization solutions can improve logistics and efficiency at hospitals. A hospital consists of tens of thousands of daily routines and processes and is, in fact, a very complex logistics system. By attaching RFID tags to medical equipment and assets, readers in the ceiling can monitor their every move and real-time location. This significantly reduces the time staff spends on locating assets. Ellen Trane Nørby was very engaged in the subject and immediately saw the benefits of spending fewer manhours on locating equipment and make it possible to relocate more manhours to patient care. The combination of RFID tags and reading equipment makes data capturing easy and is a key component in Lyngsoe System healthcare solutions. This was demonstrated to the minister, who even tried for herself how easy it is to capture data in a hospital and automatically log the location of various assets. The minister was especially interested in the solutions […]
November 28, 2018

Queens Library Celebrates

Lyngsoe Systems joined the Queens Library at its 2018 Gala to celebrate the library’s continued success in meeting its vision of providing person intellectual growth and community cohesion in the New York borough. On October 23 Queens Library had a lot to celebrate. It has been transforming lives, one patron at a time, with its community outreach and ready access to materials and books aimed at personal enrichment and education. Part of that effort is focused in technology. The library has been enjoying the benefits of its Lyngsoe Systems Automated Material Handling (AMH) system for nearly a decade. So Lyngsoe Systems President Cory L. McCoy was on-hand for the event, as he has been for the past nine years. Over 300 people filled the main hall of Queens Museum, as the library honored four outstanding individuals whose life’s work mirrors the library’s vision. And those representing the community included a seventh grader who attributed his academic success to the library’s STACKS afterschool program and a Nigerian immigrant credited her high school equivalency diploma to the supportive staff at one of the library’s Adult Learning Centers. The district continues to serve a vibrant, informed, cohesive and empowered society; and as part […]
August 28, 2018
Aalborg Public Library supported by book sorter, IMMS and self service kiosks from Lyngsoe Systems

Intelligent System Transformed Patron Service At Aalborg Libraries

By introducing the Lyngsoe Intelligent Material Management System™, Aalborg Libraries achieved many benefits, including enhanced patron service, optimized collections and improved working efficiency. Managing one main library, 12 branches and three book-mobiles, it was challenging for Aalborg Libraries to adequately manage their floating collections. They wanted to serve their patrons more efficiently, providing a wider selection of materials across all branches. In addition, they wished to make it easier for patrons and employees to locate materials they were looking for. Finally, they were looking to enhance their overall efficiency by reducing manual labour. To ensure a faster and more efficient material flow, Aalborg Libraries charged ahead to take advantage of pioneering IT technology. They opted for the Lyngsoe Intelligent Material Management System (IMMS), which is specially designed to seamlessly manage material flows, including for floating collections. The IMMS helps to identify the precise location of materials including reservations and materials on hold, enabling faster shelving and creating visibility of how materials travel within and between library branches. The paperless system enables patrons, as well as staff, to locate shelved materials. Patrons are automatically notified about reserved materials via email or text message as soon as materials are available for pickup […]
August 28, 2018
Lyngsoe multi-level Sort Mate 2000 sorter with lifts - sorting on three floors

Denmark’s norse spirit meets technology at Gladsaxe’s Library

Lyngsoe Systems is helping the Gladsaxe Library, Denmark, embark on a new automation upgrade that will make materials sortation fast and efficient in the main library across its three floors, and four additional branches. The new solution boasts the Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000 modular sorting system and the Intelligent Material Management Systems™ (IMMS) that ensure books and other material are routed to the proper location in a complex library system. Gladsaxe’s Library complex – with a main library in Buddinge and four large branches serves more than 69,000 people living in north Copenhagen. The community is a modern, business and residential center today, but it has a long and storied history originating in the Norse tradition. In fact, this busy 21st century Copenhagen suburb has a literary mention dating back to 1321, and its name Gladsaxe translates as “Shining Sword” in old Norse. The library is taking its long Norse tradition forward with an ambitious technological approach to automate its sorting system to optimize the sortation process as well as library logistics as a whole. The sorting system will be installed in the main library where the Sort Mate 2000 sorting systems will connect all three levels of the building. An […]
June 7, 2018

IATA mandates RFID in all baggage tags

The IATA has publically announced it will mandate that RFID is integrated into all baggage tags. At the “Director General’s report on the Air Transport Industry,” Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s Director General and CEO, announced: “We’ve got one year to develop a global deployment plan that will see IATA standard RFID inlays in all baggage tags. During that time we will align our partners in the value chain—especially airports—so that we can achieve our industry’s vision to begin rolling this out from 2020.” This exciting news moves the aviation industry to the next level. IATA has proven its visionary approach to technology and has helped the industry future-proof its baggage operations. The IATA mandate has been announced so airlines can meet passengers’ expectations for real-time tracking. Implementing RFID for baggage tracking and handling not only benefits passengers with increased tracking capabilities and less mishandling, but also helps airlines and airports significantly improve their operations. Due to very high read rates, automated processes and cost-effective implementation, RFID helps increase capacity within existing baggage handling systems and significantly improves baggage processes.From June this year, IATA also mandated resolution 753, requiring most airlines to increase tracking capabilities. RFID is the most cost-effective way to comply with the new […]
May 22, 2018

Rochester Library Marks Ten Years With Automated Material Handling (AMH)

Minnesota’s Rochester Library has reached a milestone – a full decade of automated material handling with Lyngsoe Systems’ solution.  And circulation services manager Andrew Stehr speculates that the AMH system, that automatically checks in materials and sorts them to appropriate bins, has saved time daily over the past ten years; a lot of it. On a typical day, he says, about eight hours of sorting time has been eliminated. Today staff are able to use that time for valuable tasks such as outreach, working with local colleges, programming and even book repair. And the appearance of the library has changed over the past ten years too. A decade ago the library’s backroom contained a large pile of returned materials. Finding anything specific required some digging. Now the AMH automatically checks in and sorts the materials into bins, to carts and then to shelves. That means each item requires just three touches, on average, from check-in to the shelf. In addition, AMH helps prevent many of the previously three dozen to four dozen weekly disputes in which the library has no record of a returned item while a patron claimed the item was returned. Before AMH was installed, Stehr has recalled, […]
February 2, 2018

Focusing On Industry 4.0 and IoT

Last month Lyngsoe Systems participated in the mini-conference DIS Industry 4 week and Digital Growth – from Buzzword to Business.  The main takeaway from both days was that we are experiencing a rise in Industry 4.0 and IoT related activities in Danish production and logistic companies, so it’s important to understand how companies can implement it into their specific business models. We had the opportunity to discuss many different projects with the participants during the days. ”Looking at the number of projects we are getting involved in across our verticals and across our geographical markets there is no doubt that process optimization using IoT technologies is top priority in business – private as well as public”, said Simon Johansen, Senior Director Lyngsoe Systems. The mini-conference DIS Industry 4 Week focused on the development of Industry 4.0 and IoT, and Lyngsoe Systems showcased some of our IoT and data capture solutions for asset management, item-level tracking and data integration. At Digital Growth – from Buzzword to Business we gave the attendees a peek into Lyngsoe Systems’ work, presenting the vast opportunities IoT can open for a variety of different industries. Thank you to all who attended, and congratulations to the winner […]
December 5, 2017

Royal Cornwall hospitals trust choose track & trace solution

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust in the UK has recently signed an agreement with Getinge and Lyngsoe Systems for an innovative GS1 compliant track and trace solution for hospital equipment and assets. The solution, which includes both passive RFID (radio frequency identification) and active RTLS (real-time location system), is designed to increase the tracking scalability and flexibility at the NHS Trust’s three hospitals, helping staff to monitor the location of hospital equipment and assets across all sites. Being GS1 compliant, the platform as provided by Getinge and Lyngsoe Systems is designed to increase operating efficiency, patient safety, levels of service, visibility, while reducing purchasing costs on various asset groups. “The selection as partner provides us with an exciting opportunity to contribute to the UK healthcare system – we look forward to contributing to innovation in close collaboration with Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust and Getinge,” said Lyngsoe Systems’ Sales Manager – Palle Madsen. “Scalable, flexible and efficient track & trace solutions like this not only increase efficiency of employees and safety of citizens, but also free up time, which can be spent caring for and treating patients,” Madsen added. About GetingeGetinge is a leading global provider of products and systems that […]
September 25, 2017

Get your postal infrastructure back on track at post expo 2017

E-commerce is booming. E-tailers are providing posts and delivery companies with a major part of their revenues, but with fierce competition for online delivery, e-tailers want more from their carriers than low prices and expedited deliveries. Visibility is becoming a prime focus for e-tailers, offering their customers the ability to track their purchases throughout the supply chain. Those carriers that can offer tracking, from collection right through to the delivery at the front door, are becoming the most preferred carriers for e-tailers who want to offer their customers better flexibility, increased visibility and extra delivery options, but this poses a challenge to existing postal infrastructures. At POST Expo 2017, Geneva, September 26-28, Lyngsoe Systems are on hand to show how postal and delivery companies can get their business back on track. With over 40 years of experience within Postal Logistics, we can provide the solution to a rising demand for increased visibility thanks to our RFID technology. With an upgraded RFID infrastructure, you get full visibility throughout the postal flow on both deliveries and returns, allowing you to offer additional services such as flexible delivery on the customers’ terms. Furthermore, our e-commerce RFID tracking solutions work within existing IT infrastructures, […]
March 29, 2017

Build intelligent supply chains with internet of things

A strong current trend in supply chain optimization is the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions combining track-and-trace technologies and sensor technologies with cloud based data capture. Simon Johansen, Senior Sales Director at Lyngsoe Systems, says there is a strong business case for IoT solutions in supply chains as they provide unprecedented agility and visibility. Using sensors, RFID as other data capture technologies and thus making load carriers intelligent enables you to continuously trace the whereabouts of goods while performing real-time surveillance of conditions such as humidity and temperature. This enables supply chain managers to make smart decisions to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Simon Johansen explains, “Picture a shipment of fruit which has been subject to a suboptimal temperature at some point during transportion. Although this is invisible, you know their shelf life is probably shortened, so you place them in the supermarket sooner than planned, preventing asset waste.” Designing your IoT solution RFID or Bluetooth Low Energy? Lora or SigFox? A bewildering array of tools and platforms are available for intelligent supply chain management. “Each technology comes with its own benefits and tradeoffs, so choosing the right tool for the right job is important. For example, Bluetooth allows flexible data reading […]
March 13, 2017

IATA has just released their resolution 753/A4A resolution 30.53 implementation guide

IATA has just released their Resolution 753/A4A Resolution 30.53 Implementation Guide, developed and written by members of the joint IATA/A4A Baggage Working Group. Lyngsoe Systems is very proud to have contributed to it with our enhanced expertise within data capture. The purpose of this guide is to advise airport and airlines possible solutions to meet the obligations for the upcoming resolution. Lyngsoe Systems is currently helping leading airlines to be ready for the resolution before June 2018 and we are happy to help, advise and implement the data capture solution for your airline as well. Get the guide here Read more about what Lyngsoe Systems can do regarding Resolution 753 We are ready to help you with the implementation, contact our team at
February 28, 2017

Lyngsoe Systems launch RFID Belt Loader Reader

Lyngsoe Systems, world-leading RFID integrator, is launching the Belt Loader Reader, a discreet, innovative and intelligent RAIN RFID reader solution designed to track and reconcile baggage when loading and offloading aircraft with belt loaders. Providing departure and arrival scanning of baggage loaded and off-loaded into aircraft using belt loaders, the Lyngsoe Systems’ Belt Loader Reader uses RFID technology (radio frequency identification) for automatic reconciliation and positive passenger bag match (PPBM) before loading baggage onto an aircraft. The Belt Loader Reader is compliant to the new IATA (International Air Transport Association) Resolution 753, which requires airlines to demonstrate delivery and acquisition of baggage when custody changes, provide an inventory of bags upon departure and be capable of exchanging such information. Michael Vistisen, head of Lyngsoe Systems’ Airport Business Unit, said: “Designed to reduce incidents of mishandled baggage, speed up operations and support airlines to be compliant with IATA Resolution 753, our Belt Loader  Reader is easily integrated with baggage reconciliation systems. It speeds up reconciliation by using real-time information to monitor all bags and provide instant feedback to the ramp personnel on, whether a bag is authorized for loading or not.” Already in use by customers, the Belt Loader Reader also enables […]
February 20, 2017

Healthcare Denmark releases new white paper

Lyngsoe Systems is proud to have been a collaborator to Healthcare DENMARK’s first white paper about Hospital Logistics, available on their site now. The paper presents the concept of healthcare logistics and presents pioneering solutions helping Danish hospitals to be more efficient, improving patient safety and treatment quality. As a leading provider of location information to a range of healthcare IT-Systems, we are proud to have contributed with our experience within locating assets and personnel at the New University Hospital in Aarhus, and how  we will provide logistics related information at two centralized sterile centers in the Capital region, helping them to enable transparency of the sterile equipment flows to all the regional hospitals. Get the white paper and learn more.  Contact our sales team for more information on
January 14, 2017
Sort Mate 2000 in Lyngby Taarbaek Public Library

Danish Library Designs A New Experience With Sorting System

Danish Lyngby-Taarbæk Library opted for Lyngsoe Systems advanced Sort Mate™ 2000 to replace their existing automatic sorter. Based on their vision, the sorter replacement offered an opportunity to add value to the overall library experience for patrons and staff. Home to over 250,000 materials, Lyngby-Taarbæk Library services around 1100 patrons daily. The library was among the first in Denmark to embrace automatic sorting. In 2016 the time had come to replace their 12-year-old sorter with the Sort Mate™ 2000. “One of the main aim of the replacement was to enhance our efficiency by applying the latest technology,” says Lars Lunde Ljungberg, Experience Space Manager at the library.  However, rather than going ahead to meet their most immediate needs, the library carefully designed the project to create more value for everyone. As the old sorter was placed in a room that was a bit too small, the library also wanted to build a more spacious room for a better working environment for staff.  Ljungberg explains; “In addition to creating more space, we saw a unique opportunity to integrate the sorter with the overall library experience,” he continues. “Therefore, we placed great importance on the design and aesthetics of the final solution”. […]
November 10, 2016
Telepen Logo

Telepen And Lyngsoe Systems Announce New Partnership

NEW PARTNERSHIP PROVIDES A WIDER CHOICE Lyngsoe Systems is pleased to announce UK based Telepen as their newest distribution partner, expanding the availability of Lyngsoe Systems’ sorters, automated material handling and self-service equipment for libraries in the UK and Ireland. With this partnership, Lyngsoe Systems will include Telepen’s Juno Room Booking products for their Northern European and North American market, providing broader product choices for new and existing customers. Telepen is the leading suppliers of Access Control systems in Libraries in the UK and Ireland. Their solutions are built on more than forty years’ experience of supplying barcode and smart card systems. Henrik Kjeldgaard, Business Unit Director for Library at Lyngsoe Systems expressed “We look very much forward to this collaboration, giving both companies an innovative and extensive product variety to support the requirements of the modern library environment”. Lyngsoe Systems has been a world leader in the field of cutting-edge electronic logistics control for over 40 years and leading within the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Renowned for innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and the ability to put ideas into practice. With extensive experience in supporting and enhancing library processes in the small library branch and in the central sorter facility, […]
July 6, 2016

RFID improves baggage performance to meet demands from increased passenger growth

Lyngsoe Systems RFID tracking solutions are so innovative and flexible with no boundaries regarding which industries it can benefit. We have installations within postal, airports, library, logistics and healthcare. Whenever you want to keep track of items from A to B and raise efficiency we can help from planning to developing and implementing always providing quality service. When Milan Malpensa Airport in Italy experienced a heavy increase in the number of passengers, it meant capacity growth and increased efficiency requirements. By advancing their baggage performance with our RFID platform Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™, manual sortation was eliminated and improvement was recorded in transparency and the read rate in the baggage handling system from 93% to 100%.  Read how we did it in our Milan Malpensa case story. For more case stories read here. Let us help you keep track and increase efficiency – contact us on for more information.
February 8, 2016

Hospitals can save valuable time and increase patient care

Recent analysis shows that current hospital personnel uses about 12 minutes each shift to search for resources, and with the new generation of superhospitals being build, the risk of using more time on finding beds, equipment and people, can increase dramatically. As one of these new superhospitals, The New University Hospital (DNU) in Aarhus will be fully supplied with state-of-the-art equipment and systems within a staggering 375,000m² building. With over 800 beds, 100,000 admitted patients and 900,000 outpatients a year at full capacity logistical challenges would occur. Lyngsoe Systems is currently together with Systematic delivering the world’s largest RFID-based tracking installation of its kind, creating visibility for available resources for equipment and localization of personnel. By minimizing valuable time spent on locating misplaced items and people, an increase towards patient care and service can improve satisfaction for everyone involved. Lyngsoe Systems has for over 40 years worked with many different branches all over the world to increase logistic and service quality, using RFID solutions for track and trace. By utilizing wireless technology to efficiently and automatically track components and optimize future workflows. Read more about our work with The New University Hospital (DNU). To know more about our work within […]