RFID systems and solutions for any business

Streamline and develop your business through logistic automation

Lyngsoe Systems is a world leader in logistic solutions across the customer supply chain. Using RFID tag tracking systems, RFID gates and other RFID technologies we offer real-time transparency, traceability and data capture to increase customer revenues, reduce OPEX and ensure quality.


RFID solutions for Manufacturing & Supply Chain

From sourcing, through manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, control over logistical processes is key to success. Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ is a RFID based system that enables full transparency, visibility, traceability and predictability in your logistical processes.

We help you grow your top line by increasing customer satisfaction, reducing cost and improving quality through streamlined manufacturing and distribution.


Rethinking Healthcare with RFID based systems

Ever bigger and more automated hospitals require a total rethink of healthcare logistics. Equipment can be stored at considerable distance from a ward, key staff needs to be in the right place at the right time, logistics processes need to be optimized, and hygiene needs to be safeguarded at all times – all requiring failsafe logistics.

The expertise compiled by Lyngsoe Systems within logistics is perfect for healthcare, releasing staff to spend more time caring for patients, optimizing workflow, achieving higher equipment utilization rates and increasing efficiency.


RFID based customs and shipping solutions

Objective verification of when, where and by whom a container was sealed is provided, along with notification of current status – open, closed or tampered with. Departure and arrival times are automatically logged and an alarm triggered if tampering is detected.

  • Reducing fraud and theft
  • Facilitating trade and inspection
  • Ensuring payment of tax and duties
  • Optimizes customs processes and reduces transit time
  • Combats smuggling and corruption

At Lyngsoe Systems, we are proud of our longstanding partnerships across our verticals, many with global reach and based on years of co-operation. Through first class data capture we power up our partner's applications, enhancing their value creation and ultimately setting them apart.

Our API allows external systems across industries to effortlessly connect to our Lyngsoe Platform. A connection which will bring your data to life.

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At Lyngsoe Systems we believe that companies can develop/leverage their business through automating their manual processes with first class data capture solutions.

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Be a part of the team in creating innovative mission critical software solutions around the globe. We are always looking for the best of the best to join us in our journey within the growing market of IoT.

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