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Vehicle Fleet Size today

Long Haul Trailers, Trucks ('Milk Run')

Average Vehicle fill (%)

Distance Driven pr. Year

Fuel Cost


Avg. Across fleet


Estimated average vehicle fill

Estimated percentage point increase in vehicle fill

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Estimated average vehicle fill

Estimated average vehicle fill

Estimated percentage point increase in vehicle fill

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Estimated percentage point increase in vehicle fill

Estimated reduction/resize of vehicle fleet


Estimated reduction in distance driven per year


Estimated number of full time staff, which may be repurposed

8% - 15%

Estimated reduction in fuel cost per year

Estimated reduction in maintenance cost (Repair, Toll/Road Tax and Depreciation of Vehicles)

3 primary contribution areas to your savings have been identified:

As a green side effect you will also reduce your co2 emission (carbon foorprint).  

The numbers (and the distribution) will vary from company to company based on actual fill rates, mix of vehicles, distance driven, amount of trips plus other factors.

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By collecting good quality reliable data you enable more than just your savings

Making business decisions on the basis of scattered manual scanning and predicted track and trace is history now. We have a long legacy in collecting, processing, and analyzing business-critical data for postal operators in quality measurements for the letter and e-commerce business. In the Transport Optimization solution, we take it to the next level. So why should you consider Transport Optimization?

With the Transport Optimization solution, we take collecting, processing and analyzing of business-critical data to the next level. We offer efficiency improvements in daily operations, as well, enable dynamic transport planning, with high quality real-time data for forecasting and optimization.

Three good reasons to learn more about Transport Optimization

Using BI analytics for better decision-making, based on accurate and reliable data

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How do we accomplish cost reduction?

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How do we unleash the power of your existing equipment?

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Positive side effects

Enhance the customer experience through actual real-time location tracking

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Automated nesting/de-nesting of items

Nesting principles

Improve utilization of containers

Having the right number of containers at the right place at the right time is always a challenge. Automated scanning including at customer locations provides 100% visibility of container inventory. A true network wide container inventory view enables cost efficient allocation and movement of containers.

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