Use your budget much smarter with Lyngsoe Systems' library return and sorting solutions

With the Sort Mate 2000™ and automated material handling solutions and IMMS™ your library is able to streamline the return and sorting process and maximize efficiency at your library. We are working for smarter libraries – are you?

Improve safety with library automation of physical processes

Is your library corona compliant? The corona pandemic (COVID-19) continues to spread in many countries and libraries around the world face a new reality. We offer a range of automated material handling solutions that help libraries navigate efficiently in this process of change. Automated material handling solutions minimize the number of touches on materials. By implementing smart book return and sorting solutions, human contact is minimized and hygiene is improved. 

Learn more about our solutions here.

IMMS and truly intelligent floating collections

With IMMS™ your library’s collection floats sharing resources efficiently  and you are able to use materials from all branches as one collection, tailor collections according to local population profile and automatic re-balance your collection. With IMMS™ your library is corona compliant, as holds are paperless, space management is more accurate enabling your library to use the space efficiently and comply with social distancing and save your material budget. 

Learn more about IMMS here.

Library return and sorting solutions for smarter libraries

Smart return and sorting solutions from Lyngsoe Systems help your library automate and speeds up the process of sorting the materials tremendously – especially the piles of items in quarantine are sorted much faster, plus it will enable you to stretch your staff budget further. We deliver efficient solutions to help your library working smarter minimizing time spend on sorting materials manually. 

Learn more about our accurate, reliable return and sorting solutions here. 

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