Our Global Presence

Imagine a place where collaboration is a cornerstone, and your skills are the missing piece we've been looking for. On this page you can learn more about our offices around the world and how we collaborate across borders.

Ignite Innovation with RFID Pioneers

At Lyngsoe Systems, we aren't just following the wave of innovation; We shape it. Our reputation as a global recognized leader in RFID technology speaks volumes about our commitment. Picture a world where food safety prevails throughout supply chains, libraries enhance their services and free up valuable time, and medical professionals gain precious time with their patients. Our solutions extend their reach, touching the lives of airline passengers, postal workers, and beyond. Join us in our journey to pioneer solutions in software development and system integration, unlocking opportunities and solving our customers’ problems within complex logistics chains spanning libraries, healthcare, supply chains, and airports. With a track record of more than 10,000 installations across 60+ countries, our RFID expertise is vast.

When you join Lyngsoe Systems, you're not merely becoming a part of a company – you're embracing a commitment to value. Be a driving force behind automated logistics solutions that redefine industries, elevating libraries and logistics to new heights and innovative needs. Our dedication to growth extends beyond our solutions and services, offering you the chance to evolve both professionally and personally.

Discover Our Global Presence, Powered by Passion

With roots deeply planted in Aars, Denmark, our headquarters serves as a testament to creativity and innovation. Our recent office revitalization in 2019 has transformed our facilities, ensuring that your future workplace inspires greatness. As our team continues to expand, so does our global footprint. Journey across the Atlantic to Lyngsoe Systems Inc., situated in the dynamic landscape of Maryland, USA, where you'll immerse yourself in dedicated service to our North American clients.

In the city of Toronto, Canada, become a part of the RFID revolution at Lyngsoe Systems Ltd., a renowned center of RFID innovation offering a wide range of opportunities, from research and development to production and sales. As we continue to grow, our commitment to quality extends to key contributions from Finland and the UK.
Finland, often referred to as the Land of a Thousand Lakes, holds a special place in our global operations. Nestled in its picturesque surroundings, our Finnish operations embody a crucial aspect of our identity – self-reliant production. With precision and dedication, we manufacture and contribute to our product lines, ensuring stringent quality control and operational efficiency.
Crossing the English Channel, we arrive at the historic landscapes of the United Kingdom. Our presence in this region adds a distinctive dimension to our multinational team. Our UK office plays a vital role in our strategic and sales operations.
Are you prepared to join our global team, comprising more than 250 talented individuals spanning continents?