Privacy Policy for Apps

Privacy Policy for Apps

1. This Privacy Policy for Apps (“PPfA”) apply to the Apps (Applications for devices) developed and distributed by Lyngsoe Systems A/S, Lyngsø Allé 3, 9600 Aars, Denmark. (together with its affiliates, successors and assigns "LYNGSOE").

2. The PPfA is effective from April 2024.

3. The Apps govern by this PPfA is Asset Capture App and Asset Administration App. Both Apps are part of the same System but with different functionality.

4. The intended user (User/Users) of the Apps is registered employees of Customers (Company, Public institution or similar professional business relation) of LYNGSOE on Devices (mobiles, tables and other IoT/IT devices) owned by the Customer.

5. The Apps is distributed, configured and managed by the Customer on the Device including the identity of the Device.

Asset Capture App

6. The Asset Capture App use Device identification and Device location information. This information is relayed by the App to a central system managed by LYNGSOE for the purpose of identifying the location of an Asset (i.e. roll cages) with a Bluetooth low energy tag (BLE). The Device receive the BLE signal and relay this with the Device location to centralized LYNGSOE system. The Customer is a user of the centralized System as part of an Agreement with LYNGSOE.

7. The continuously collection of the location information of the Device is a central part of the functionality of the centralized System, the Customer has purchased of LYNGSOE for locating Assets. The System provides an overview of the locations of the Customer Assets for the Customer to use in their logistic planning and performance monitoring.

Asset Administration App

8. The Asset Administration App is used for the creation, updating and deletion of the BLE’s with Asset information monitored by the Asset Capture App.

9. The location information of the Device with the Asset Administration App is only used when the App is in use and only to determine the location of the Asset.

10. The information from the Asset Administration App is relayed by the App to a central system managed by LYNGSOE.


11. The user license agreement for the App is part of LYNGSOE General terms and conditions of sale: Lyngsoe Systems – General terms and conditions of sale.

12. The collected information is only shared with the Customer in the centralized System and will be deleted, when no longer required for the functionality of the System. When the Agreement between the Customer and LYNGSOE expire, the data will be safely deleted as well.

13. The information collected in the centralized system is handled and protected by LYNGSOE according to applicable legislation including EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

14. All information processed and stored by LYNGSOE will be within EU.

15. The legal basis for the collection of the information by LYNGSOE is therefore the Agreement with the Customer and the employment (or other legal contractual engagement) of the User with the Customer.

16. For inquiries about the processing or content of the information please contact