Discover Solutions for Effortless Book Sorting

Our primary focus lies in automating essential library processes involving physical items like books—handling, movement, and placement. Discover unparalleled efficiency with fast circulation, unmatched reliability, and seamless scalability. Prioritize safety and comfort for your library staff with our ergonomic approach.

Empower Patrons and Librarians with User-friendly Self-Service Library Systems

Liberate staff time for innovative library ventures as patrons seamlessly handle tasks like checkouts and returns through intuitive kiosks and self-service machines. Embrace the power of self-service equipment to amplify accessibility and service hours without burdening your valuable staff resources.

From Shelf to Experience: Optimize Space, Collections, and Patron Experience

Intelligent Material Management System™ (IMMS™) offers transparency in material flow, enabling precise tracking from the shelf to storage. Get control of shelf content through intelligent lifecycle management, optimize shelf space usage, and ensure hassle-free rebalancing for floating collections.

Effortless Efficiency with
Library Automation Systems

Discover a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to revolutionize your library's operations, creating an optimized flow that enhances both efficiency and patron experience. Our offerings are tailor-made to transform the way your library operates, creating a seamless journey for both patrons and staff no matter the size of your library.

Read more about the all-around solutions and discover how patrons independently borrow and return books with self-service ease. As well as watch how borrowed materials glide into immediate sorting, ready for the shelves.

Libraries Lead the Way

The library is no longer a library. It is a cultural space. A knowledge hub.

A place of vibrant ideas. With its new role comes new demands: In-depth counseling. Local community responsibility. Frictionless experiences. The library was never meant to be a static site for static knowledge.

As such, libraries are not transforming into something new. Libraries are transforming back to the original idea of being the common ground for words, images, media, culture, thoughts, and ideas.

In this new paradigm, handling, distributing, and sorting physical books should not be a core chore. On the contrary, for libraries to survive, thrive, and grow in importance, complexity must be automated.

We help automate complexity. Handle the challenges. And unleash your library’s full potential.

We are inspired by the ideas of the forward-thinking libraries such as the Next Library community and the METLIB section of IFLA.

Libraries Leading the Way

Learn How Your Library can Lead the Way

You can release librarian power, by empowering patrons to check out and return materials by themselves through the Library Mate™ products and let them help with the sorting on shelves or feed into a Sort Mate™ sorter doing the operation fast and reliable.


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