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Our technology-agnostic approach empowers your company with RFID, BLE, barcodes, and more to track assets efficiently. Discover how touchless scanning and real-time tracking enable smart decision-making for enhanced delivery experiences.

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Our mission is to ensure the availability of relevant information regarding your delivery. A cornerstone for us is to apply the right technology for the right purpose. Have a combined set of technologies matching your needs, with the combination of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), BLE (Bluetooth low energy), barcodes, etc. Learn more about how to gain full visibility of the location and expected delivery of shipments while making smart decisions based on data. All enabled by touchless scanning and real-time tracking.

What is Lyngsoe Live Logistics™?

Our core business is to capture and filter logistics data. LIVE Logistics™ is a unified platform for collecting, govern, transform, and share real-time logistics tracking and identification data. Enabling flexible and fast deployment of logistics device and data services to customers across the globe.

Different sensor and tag technologies offer various features, limitations, and advantages; Our platform supports all known technologies such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Bluetooth, BLE (Bluetooth low energy), or Barcode. Alone or in combination with each other.

Currently, Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ is handling data captured, filtered, and enriched from over 25,000 read points all across the world. Processing countless amounts of RFID, BLE, and Barcode reads and transforming them into meaningful data for our customers

By standardizing and automating information extraction processes using Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™, enterprises can become more productive and accurately. Gain insights that accurately reflect operational reality, enabling more effective digital transformation initiatives and better business outcomes.

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