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Welcome to Lyngsoe Systems, where your journey to improved operational efficiency begins. As a global frontrunner in automation solutions, we focus on two essential areas: Library and Logistics.

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Discover Next-Level Library Solutions: From self-service kiosks to advanced inventory management, explore how Lyngsoe Systems is transforming the modern library experience.

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Being technology agnostic, we offer purpose-specific turnkey solutions and take end-to-end responsibility that can be easily implemented into your current processes and existing IT landscape.

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RFID Technology: The Engine Behind Our Solutions

What is RFID?

Radio-Frequency Identification, or RFID, is a technology that uses wireless communication to identify, track, and manage objects, information, and transactions. Unlike traditional barcodes that require line-of-sight scanning, RFID tags can be read from a distance, providing a more efficient and seamless way to gather and relay information.

RFID in Logistics Solutions

In the logistics world, the uses for RFID are even more expansive. This technology enables real-time tracking of goods as they move from supplier to warehouse to retail floor. Automated sorting systems can direct packages with pinpoint accuracy, reducing manual labor and error. And with detailed, real-time tracking data, you can achieve greater visibility into your supply chain, optimizing operations and reducing costs.

RFID in Library Solutions

In the library sector, RFID revolutionizes the way books and materials are managed, bringing convenience to both staff and patrons. From self-service kiosks that allow for quick check-outs and returns to inventory management that can occur with a simple wave of a handheld reader, RFID streamlines many of the operational aspects of a library. Enhanced security features like anti-theft systems are another added benefit, ensuring that your valuable assets are well-protected.

Rooted in Denmark - Worldwide Presence

While our origins and headquarters are in Denmark, Lyngsoe Systems has a truly international scope. With employees and offices in various countries, we're committed to quality and reliability on a global scale, serving both the Library and Logistics sectors around the world.

Our extensive reach includes the successful deployment of over 10,000 logistics solutions and library systems globally. With an international footprint that spans continents—North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond—we're positioned to offer localized support and expertise, ensuring you receive tailored solutions wherever you are located.

Whether you're focused on optimizing logistics operations through real-time tracking and automated sorting or enhancing library services with intuitive, self-service solutions, you can count on Lyngsoe Systems for effective and efficient results.

The Lyngsoe Systems Journey: Our Story

With roots extending over four decades, Lyngsoe Systems brings an unparalleled level of experience and knowledge to both the Library and Logistics sectors. Over the years, we've seen technologies evolve and markets change, but our commitment to delivering efficient, reliable solutions has never wavered. This extensive experience shapes every product we offer and drives our ability to meet diverse customer needs—whether it's a local library looking to modernize or a global logistics chain aiming for greater operational efficiency.

More than 5,000 logistics solutions and advanced library systems around the globe stand as a testament to our longevity and expertise. At Lyngsoe Systems, experience isn't just our history; it's our promise for the future.

Transforming Operations:
Cases from Logistics and Library

Enhancing Passenger Satisfaction and Baggage Handling Efficiency

Delta Air Lines revolutionizes baggage handling with real-time tracking using 1,600 Lyngsoe Systems’ Belt Loader Readers™ across 84 airports. Automated, efficient, and passenger-friendly.

“TE WHEKE“ - The Largest Central Sorter in the Southern Hemisphere

The Auckland Libraries are now the proud owners of Te Wheke - the largest central sorter in the Southern Hemisphere.

Working to improve operational efficiencies through asset tracking

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust was invited to participate in the governments’ Scan4Safety pilot programme in 2016, making it one of the first six NHS Trusts in England to implement GS1 standards for the asset tracking and identification of patients, medicines and equipment.

Pontefract Library

As well as supporting library groups and clubs, the Hublet solution is a self-service device available to all library customers.

Operational Efficiency and Effective Traceability

Explore how HAVI Logistics are utilizing our Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ platform. The platform was put into operation to provide an effective tool to support warehouse and distribution processes, and provide HAVI Logistics with a real-time overview of products and shipments from producer to retailer.

An Accessible City Library for Patrons, Employees, and Volunteers

By switching to RFID technology from Lyngsoe Systems, the city library took a major step forward and now looks forward to the future and new developments with confidence.

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