CASE: Posten Norway

Post Norway deploys RFID portal infrastructure

We are now able to offer unique products and services to our customers generating more business. We are known as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking postal and supply chain operators in the world and moving to the next level of electronic logistics management at this time means that we are prepared to meet future market demands, and grow our business based on top line services and quality

Gro Bakstad, Group Director, Postal Division, Post Norway


Complete Track & Trace to B2B, B2C, and private customers thanks to RFID portal infrastructure

Norway’s postal service needed to ramp up its technology-based systems to meet the need for visibility and real-time information on shipments.

With only just over 5 million inhabitants, Norway is the smallest of the Nordic countries in terms of population, but with a length of over 2,500 km and a population density of one per 15.5 km², presents formidable logistics challenges. Investment in an advanced RFID data capture infrastructure achieved the following:


  • Real-time data on location and expected delivery of shipments

  • Full track and trace

  • Competitive advantage over other carriers

  • An increase in business measurable on the top line


Post Norway is Norway’s national postal service, covering the entire country and its islands. Its forward-looking policy has meant constant investment in RFID-based hardware and software infrastructure over the last 20 years, designed to support the best in customer services.

The geography and demographics of Norway pose special problems in terms of logistics. Recognizing the need to arrest falling revenues whilst increasing value, Post Norway began to implement an advanced portal infrastructure to generate data on the movements of items at a very early stage. Lyngsoe Systems has supported the carrier every step of the way to measure its domestic and international Quality of Service levels. The most recent significant investment was the installation of active/passive RFID portals across the country at no less than 340 locations. Post Norway’s policy is to utilize Lyngsoe Systems’ Automatic Mail Quality Measurements (AMQM) RFID hardware and Quality of Service Monitor (QSM™) software to take the provision of customer data to the next level. Benefits include:


  • Topline business growth

  • Cost reductions

  • High quality of service

  • Improved logistics

  • Real-time data and visibility for customer shipments


Post Norway is able to offer complete Track and Trace to B2B, B2C and private customers thanks to Lyngsoe Systems’ RFID portal infrastructure, track large load containers for carrying parcels and measure Quality of Service for domestic and international services. Lyngsoe Systems has provided a complete range of services from planning and design, through consultancy to installation over more than 20 years.

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