Expanded cooperation between Lyngsoe Systems and Hublet

Press Release
Lyngsoe Systems A/S
Denmark, August 24th, 2022

The successful cooperation between Lyngsoe Systems and Hublet expands

After many years of successful cooperation in UK and Ireland, Lyngsoe Systems and Hublet have expanded the cooperation, so Lyngsoe now also can offer the Hublet solution to the Norwegian market as distributor.

Lyngsoe Systems is focused on “Working for Smarter Libraries”, and the Hublet solution fits very well into the portfolio for the libraries, who want to provide even better service to their users – without stretching staff resources thin.

“We at Lyngsoe Systems are all very happy to add Hublet to the strong portfolio, we already are offering to the Norwegian market, and it fits perfectly to our wide range of smart solutions, which customers all over the world value. In the Hublet team we have found likeminded, and I know from my colleagues in the UK, how strong a team we form together.” explains Mogens Olsen, Nordic Area Sales Manager at Lyngsoe Systems.

“Hublet increases the use of digital content and educational services and as a communication tool frees up staff time. In addition, Hublet ensures the privacy of users whilst they access digital content through our service”, claims Esa Lindell, International Sales Manager of Hublet, “We are pleased to collaborate with Lyngsoe Systems now also in Norway. With their many years of experience in providing library technologies internationally, we believe that Lyngsoe Systems are the ideal partner to increase our service deployment in this region as well,” he adds.

About the Hublet Solution

Hublet Solution enables equal and easy access to digital content for everyone. It consists of three parts: Hublet Tablets, Hublet Smart Docking Station and Hublet Manager. Patrons can easily borrow Hublet Tablets without assistance, using their library card or QR code. Hublet Solution ensures the privacy of users while they access digital content such as online newspapers, e-magazines, movies, games, etc. All the user data will be automatically deleted when Hublet Tablets are returned to the Hublet Smart Docking Station. The Fotonit self-disinfecting coating on Hublet devices’ touch surfaces ensures the protection of users from bacteria and viruses.

Libraries have benefited from reducing the handling of printed materials, increased use of digital resources, guaranteed data privacy and customisable content, which can be adapted to suit different users’ needs. Hublet Solution is easy to manage, minimises work of IT department and its automated system saves librarians’ time for their daily tasks.


Check out this video for an overview how Hublet Solution benefits libraries: Hublet Solution for libraries


For enquiries to Lyngsoe Systems: library@lyngsoesystems.com

About Lyngsoe Systems

Lyngsoe Systems has been a world leader in the field of cutting-edge electronic logistics control for over 40 years and is leading within the radio frequencies identification (RFID) technology. We are devoted to helping libraries transform by supporting them to work smarter and save time on material handling with smart library solutions. We are experts and trusted by libraries in providing automated material handling solutions, self-service equipment, and intelligent material management systems. Our solutions are standards compliant as well as practical, affordable, and innovative. We have our own network of engineers and solution experts, as well as trained distributors, dedicated to libraries around the world. With a proven record of accomplishment with 20.000 installations in over 60 countries, the Lyngsoe Systems team can demonstrate extensive experience in customer process, solution design, software development, integration, service, and maintenance. Our ambition is to always offer a market-leading range of products fulfilling our guiding star: “Working for Smarter Libraries”.


About Hublet Oy

Hublet’s technology drives the increased adoption of digital services for organizations requiring the use of secure and loanable tablet devices. Deployed globally in 32 countries across various sectors, such as libraries, hospitals, elderly care home’s, restaurants, museums and science centre’s, Hublet Solution is a customised learning tool, communication device and entertainment centre in one package. Through its strong return on investment case, Hublet Solution empowers the utilisation of digital content as an effortless, secure, cost-effective and reliable service delivering equal and data secure access to the digital world for everyone.