Service with individual needs in mind

The high level of remote support has allowed us to maintain the system for over 3 years, during which time we have only required Lyngsoe Systems technicians to be present on one or two occasions.” Alan Smith, Australia Post

Most of the IT systems supplied by Lyngsoe Systems are of vital importance to the companies‘ day-to-day operation and cost profile. Consequently, nearly all of our customers decide to enter a service contract, which guarantees punctual action in relation to time-critical service tasks and preventive maintenance. Lyngsoe Systems is world-leading in the development and implementation of IT systems for automation, supply chain optimization, and quality assurance of a wide range of processes in logistics and supply chain businesses worldwide.

Worldwide service and maintenance concept

The Service and Maintenance Concept forms a natural part of Lyngsoe Systems ‘expertise. At our Service Center, we maintain an overview of the information from thousands of installations worldwide. From here remote system monitoring and service are provided by means of our advanced maintenance and diagnostic technology. Using remote connection our customers can follow the current operational status online, on the same level as the Service Center staff. Our area of expertise includes outsourcing the total number of service tasks and operation of systems using “facility management“.


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24/7 single point of contact service desk

Having access to support is crucial for your business. If accidents happen or problems occur, getting the systems back in production is critical for the success of your business. When you contact Lyngsoe Systems Customer Service & Support, highly competent staff will take your call and help you get back on track. The 24/7/365 Service Desk is the Single Point of Contact for all Lyngsoe Systems' customers. Incidents are handled with processes based on ITIL framework, the most common framework for Service Management and this ensures an effective and competent handling of all customer calls.

Monitoring service

A vital part of the Lyngsoe Systems Customer Service & Support is our Network Operation Center. Here the customers installations are monitored 24/7. If an Event occurs, the root cause of the Event is located, and the Service is restored. In most cases, this is done without service downtime, as proactive monitoring is used to predict possible problems. If a root course is located at the customer site, the customer is contacted, and the problem is solved in collaboration with the customer.


30 years of customer service experience

Lyngsoe Systems has been delivering Customer Service to production-critical installations worldwide for more than 30 years. This enables the organization to understand the urgency of helping customers back in production when problems occur. The knowledge in the Service Desk is supported by a large organization of developers, hardware and software, and Lyngsoe Systems Customer Service & Support even has the option of dispatching Man On site, from one of our offices or Worldwide Service Partners.