Our History

Founded in Aars, Northern Jutland, Denmark, Lyngsoe Systems has grown from its Danish roots to have a presence in North America. Our headquarters in Aars is central to our operations, encompassing research, development, and a state-of-the-art RFID test center. With additional key establishments in Maryland, USA, and Toronto, Canada, we've progressively expanded our reach and capabilities over the years.

September 01, 1952


Founded By Søren T. Lyngsø AS

Lyngsoe Systems was originally founded as a division of Søren T. Lyngsø AS (established in 1952 in Copenhagen). The company developed automation solutions within the areas of energy, environment, marine and industry, as well as producing computer electronics.

September 01, 1994


Management Buy-Out

On 1 September 1994, Lyngsoe Systems was sold in a management buy-out to the management group.




Accelerated Global Expansion

In 1999 Lyngsoe Systems accelerated our global expansion with a sales and service office in Frederick, Maryland, USA. From here we now service more than 80 clients based in North America.




Investing in Net-Mill International AS

The following year Lyngsoe Systems invested in Net-Mill International AS, a company specializing in the mobile Internet, and in 2001 an office was opened in Toronto, Canada through the acquisition of two local RFID technology companies.

Toronto is home to a sales and service office, and an RFID R&D and manufacturing facility that is considered one of the world's leading RFID innovators.



Expansion in Romania

By 2005 Lyngsoe Systems had expanded into Romania, and this office provides project management, software development and technical services for Lyngsoe Systems’ product platform Catellae™ and system installations worldwide.



Acquires FKI Logistex Library Solutions

Lyngsoe Systems acquired the global FKI Logistex Library Solutions in September 2009. The acquisition included engineering, manufacturing, software, service and intellectual property of the worldwide Library business.

Since the mid-1970s Lyngsoe Systems has been partnering with Crisplant (now Beumer), and later on, their library unit became FKI Logistex.

This long-lasting relationship paved the way for the change in ownership of the Library Solutions business. The best from FKI Logistex Library Solutions has been integrated with Lyngsoe Systems’ expertise within RFID and logistics solutions.



Catacap Acquires a Majority Stake in Lyngsoe Systems

In March 2014 private equity fund CataCap acquired a majority stake in Lyngsoe Systems. With Lyngsoe Systems’ current size and position in the global market, the former owners believed that it was the right time to form a partnership with a professional investor that could help to strengthen the strategic and operational competencies in order to secure continued growth for the company.

CataCap invests with the aim of acting as a catalyst for sustainable step changes through a systematic and consistent approach to business development. This is done in close cooperation with management and employees through increased utilization of the company’s strong market positions.



Modern Office Facilities

In 2019 all the facilities at the headquater went through a renovation so now we work in some of the most modern office facilities.



Lyngsoe Systems Acquired P.V. Supa Group

In January 2021, Lyngsoe Systems acquired Finnish-based P.V. Supa Group, and its related companies in the UK (2QR) and US (P.V. Supa Inc.), creating the global leader in intelligent automation solutions for libraries.

Building on 50 years of combined experience serving the librarian, second-to-none innovative capabilities based on the Scandinavian design heritage and undisputable customer dedication, unifying two of the Library market’s leading players into one strong entity will deliver new complementary solutions and services to libraries across the world and even stronger support to the large existing customer base.



Change of Ownership

September marked change of ownership to new majority investor Accent Equity from Sweden. After 8 years of successful transformation under CataCap, we are now embarking on a new journey. With an owner who will invest in our future growth, being as convinced as us, that our unique position in the market coupled with second to none know how and expertise will enable us to reach our long term objective – becoming the leading provider of logistics visibility and automation.

We assist industries worldwide