Postal and logistic

Daniel Palestro, PostNord Process Manager

The solution means that shipments arrive faster due to shortened lead times. Registration has also become more efficient and the QSM monitor in the room enables staff to control and plan tasks more efficiently.



The business of postal distribution is undergoing massive change driven by the use of e-mail and e-commerce.

Sweden’s postal operator decided to react proactively by streamlining and modernizing its handling, delivery and service. The criteria for success included:

  •         Automating parcel registration
  •         Boosting productivity and therefore throughput
  •         Reducing manual work

PostNord was established in 2009 from the merger of the Danish and Swedish postal services, delivering 5.3 billion letters and 120 million parcels to the 25 million residents of the Nordic region in 2014.

In common with all postal services, PostNord faces the challenge of dwindling letter volumes (traditional core business) and growing parcel distribution due to the rapidly growing popularity of shopping online. Such purchases often come from abroad and have to be delivered to a private address – which in a sparsely populated country 1600 km can be very remote. Logistics in such circumstances have to be supremely efficient and cost-efficient.

One of the measures introduced by PostNord was FARS (Foreign Address Registration Solution) at its international mail terminal at Arlanda Airport. FARS delivers optimized registration utilizing MICS (Manual Image Capturing Stations) linked to Lyngsoe’s QSM™ (Quality of Service Monitor) Registration Station, used to register addresses based on images captured by scanning a barcode. QSM™ then compares data captured with ISU, the Swedish address database, to suggest addresses as they are entered. The solution also stores data on items received and items yet to be registered and can generate a range of statistical reports. Benefits include:

  •         Shorter lead times
  •         Better ergonomics for staff
  •         Throughput increased by 45%

QSM™ RS has streamlined logistics for PostNord, speeding up throughout and ensuring accurate deliveries to even the most remote address. Labor costs have been cut, real-time data provided and bottlenecks eliminated.