Case Story: Austria Post, Innsbruck

Austria Post invest in enhanced visibility

Postal tracking solutions provide many benefits for postal companies. Find out how Austria Post is leading the way in Quality Management based on data from tracking technology.

The Challenge

Utilize the opportunities for RFID in logistics and process visibility at Austria Post

Following over 20 years of working with Lyngsoe Systems with Austria Post’s use of Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™, Austria Post wanted to further utilize the opportunities from RFID in their logistics and process visibility.

Historically, Austria Post, as well as a host of national postal providers globally, gained the ability to track post moving through a logistics centres and their network with active RFID technology, and passive RFID these days.

As passive RFID technology has evolved further, we can now track post within letter sorting machines as well, even further minimizing the risk of errors in routing and shipping. Austria Post already has more than 500 RTLS portals installed at their sorting centres, so we worked with them to extend their existing tracking capabilities with the introduction of our new process readers within their letter sorters, the LS6100.

Our Solution:

Touchless scanning at immense speed

Following this technological development, we introduced the use of a real-time locating system at one of Austria Post’s main sorting centres in Vomp which is covering the area of Innsbruck. The solution scans passive RFID tags contained within selected letters as the post passes through the letter sorters. We installed our small process reader antennas in the letter sorters, which allows closer access to the very fast-moving post, speeding through with 40 to 50.000 letters per hour. This provides an even higher resolution of the movement of the post with objective data in real time. As we installed the technology inside the three letter sorters, it also meant that the hardware is not impacting workers’ space and the inductions stations.

The RFID reader itself, the size of a small shoe box, is mounted out of harm’s way close to the letter sorters and the RFID antennas RFID data is sent to the Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ backend. Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ subsequently processes and filters the data, turning it into enriched events, which provide data and insights about Austria Post’s operations, ensuring them the data that is essential for the ability to rectify failures, to improve processes and make better and more informed decisions.


Improving letter flow and saving money

Once more, RFID infrastructure proves to be a cost-efficient, reliable source for data in Quality and Performance Management that reduces the risk of misdirected post. This helps to avoid overlaying mail and ensure that service and cycle times are met, both domestically and internationally.

We’re delighted to see Austria Post reaping more benefits from RFID technology and expanding their infrastructure to increase transparency in their processes.

Austria Post saw immediate results in the improvement and streamlining of processes, more efficient letter flow, as well as increased fulfilment and cost savings – all of which support a customer centric ethos whilst adopting the latest innovation and technology.

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