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Offices around the world

Our headquarter of Lyngsoe Systems is located in Aars, northern Jutland in Denmark, where about 170 employees are located. In 2019 all the facilities at the headquarter went through a renovation so now we have some of the most modern facilities.

Lyngsoe Systems Inc is a sales, project and service office in Maryland, USA for servicing our customers in North America.

Lyngsoe Systems Ltd located in Toronto, Canada is considered one of the leading RFID innovators in the world with sales, project, RFID R&D, RFID test center and production facility.

You can see our vacancies below and of course you are always welcome to apply unsolicited.

250 employees around the world

In total we are about 250 employees around the world, located in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, United States of America and Finland. So being a part of the Lyngsoe Systems Teams allows you to interact with colleagues around the world.

The headquarters also comprise of research & development, RFID test center, sales, hosting center, project and service facilities along with administration functions.

In 2019 we established LYNGSOE UNITED. This is a group with different employees who work with various initiatives to build a strong culture among colleagues.

World leader in RFID Technology

As one of the world leaders within RFID Technology, Lyngsoe Systems is responsible for creating solutions that can combat counterfeit goods, improve food safety throughout the supply chain, enhance working conditions for staff within libraries, ensure that medical staff have more time to spend with their patients, support airline passengers in ensuring their baggage arrives on time and improve the services of postal services around the world.

At Lyngsoe Systems, we are one of the leaders in the world within software development and system integrators of logistics solutions for a wide range of complex logistics chain environments within library, postal, healthcare, supply chain and airport markets. We have been installing and maintaining control and track-and-trace systems for more than 40 years and is world-leader within the RFID (radio frequency identification) technology market. Currently we have made more than 5000 installations worldwide in more than 60 different countries.

Responsible for creating automated logistic solutions

When working at Lyngsoe Systems, you will be a part of a company who are responsible for creating automated logistic solutions within libraries and logistics. We are always looking for opportunities to develop both employees and how we can make new business opportunities.

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