Would you like to be part of the team that is creating mission-critical software around the globe?

At Lyngsoe Systems, a pioneer in RFID Technology, we are responsible for creating solutions that can combat counterfeit goods, improve food safety throughout the supply chain, enhance working conditions for staff within libraries, ensure that medical staff have more time to spend with their patients, support airline passengers in ensuring their baggage arrives on time and improve the services of postal services around the world.

Being part of the Lyngsoe Systems teams allows you to interact with your colleagues around the globe. Our highly trained and skilled colleagues, within their area of expertise, are responsible for over 3,700 installations in more than 56 countries across the globe. We are always looking for the best of the best to join us in our journey with growth and development. Please see our vacant positions below.

The corporate headquarters of Lyngsoe Systems is located in Denmark. The headquarters comprise of research & development, RFID test center, sales, hosting center, project and service facilities along with administration functions.

Lyngsoe Systems, Inc is a sales, project and service office in Maryland, USA for servicing our customers in North America.

Lyngsoe Systems Ltd located in Toronto, Canada is considered one of the leading RFID innovators in the world with sales, project, RFID R&D, RFID test centre and production facility.

Michael Kværndrup

Product Manager

If you want to get your ‘hands dirty’ in a profound practical way, that is also possible. Lyngsoe Systems is a place where the employee has a high degree of flexibility and knowledge about the areas they work within.

Charlotte Thodberg Jensen

User Experience Designer

At Lyngsoe Systems, I have great opportunities to make my mark on the products and the processes. Lyngsoe Systems are very open to new great ideas and do make an effort to implement them.

Mogens Beltoft

Senior Developer

We have our fingers 'in the oil' - in the way that what we do makes a difference. We are involved throughout the whole development process and we have contact to the customer.

Christian Friis Carøe

Project Manager

At Lyngsoe Systems, I have been given great responsibility from day one and I am able to scope my own role within the company. I have good, committed colleagues who are also passionate about their job, which gives Lyngsoe Systems a unique working environment where no day is like any other.

Laura J. Corbin

Service Director

I enjoy seeing sites go from not having any AMH equipment and wondering how it will work, to not being able to remember how to sort without it.