Bed tracking in hospitals

Discover the impact of efficient bed tracking and management in hospitals. Explore how our GS1 approved bed tracking solution, Lyngsoe X-Tracking™, can enhance bed utilization, reduce patient waiting times, and save costs.

Why is bed tracking and bed management in hospitals important?

To understand the importance of both bed tracking and bed management in hospitals, it’s imperative to understand the difference between the two. Bed management is the allocation and provision of beds in a hospital. Effective bed management is the practice of efficiently using beds so that the maximum number of beds are available for patients, improving patient flow – one of the most important KPIs in a hospital setting. Bed tracking, on the other hand, provides visibility of the location and status of hospital beds at any given time. While a different component of the process, bed tracking is critical to bed management – you can’t have an effective bed management system without a robust bed tracking solution in place.

At Lyngsoe Systems, we deliver a GS1 approved bed tracking solution, X-Tracking™, that supports and enhances your bed management system. We can help you improve your bed utilisation, reducing patient waiting times and saving time and money, while providing you with real-time information, which enables you to make informed decisions about resource provision and procurement.

Hospital beds are a scarce resource. Lacking information on the location of hospital beds, as well as important information, such as what type of beds are available creates a huge time and cost inefficiency. Nursing staff on average spend 21 minutes locating equipment, hospitals generally spend 25% more on equipment than required due to poor tracking and NHS Trusts have had hundreds of mattresses and hospital beds missing at any one time. Consider this against a backdrop of an average 95% occupancy and there becomes a clear need to invest in a robust bed tracking solution. *

Bed tracking alleviates these challenges by providing a live update on the location and status of any bed at any time. It can be integrated with your existing bed management system, which helps staff to manage patient flow, admissions and discharges, as well as bed cleaning and maintenance. This gives you the bed tracking system you need to optimise your assets and provide an improved level of patient care and patient safety.

Lead the way with bed tracking & bed management

Our hospital bed tracking solution Lyngsoe X-Tracking™, will enhance your bed management system, improve your operational efficiencies, and transform the visibility of your bed inventory. 

  • Provides real-time information that can be accessed from multiple devices 24/7
  • Can be integrated with your existing bed management software
  • Fewer missing beds saves time and money and avoids the unnecessary procurement of beds
  • Reduces patient wit times and missed opportunities to treat patients
  • Streamlines bed maintenance and improves bed utilization
  • Provides access to live and historic data that can be used to predict demand and usage patterns, informing planning, budgetting and resource provision

How the optimization of bed tracking in hospitals benefits all

Benefits for hospitals

  • Provides visibility of your hospital beds in terms of location, type, status and volume
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Saves time to allow staff to focus on other tasks
  • Enables informed decision making based on accurate data
  • Improves patient flow
  • Improves patient safety and infection control
  • Integrates with your bed management system

Benefits for patients

  • Improves patient care and safety
  • Reduces the risk of infection or disease
  • Helps provide the right type of bed for the right patient e.g., bariatric or Hi-Lo specialist beds
  • Improves the patient experience
  • Reduces wait times

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