Case Story: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Empowering traceability, enhancing visibility and safeguarding your brand

Struggling to keep track of your complex supply chain, combat counterfeit products, and protect your brand value? Explore real-time visibility, fast traceability, and effective brand protection tools that optimize logistics efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure consumer safety.

Traceability, visibility, and brand protection in a global supply chain

We have provided full supply chain visibility to global FMCG companies for 15 years in a collaborative partnership, where our solutions have evolved with the growing logistic complexity and challenges in global FMCG trade. This has enabled our customers to improve logistic efficiency, reduce cost of operations as well as handling of grey market issues related to parallel import and fraud resulting in brand and revenue protection.

Our customers within FMCG are found within different consumer product areas. Some of our customers are among the world’s leading premium drinks with a broad portfolio of international and local brands, some are in the global apparel business and others utilize our solution for B2B products. Our customers are characterized by having production sites in multiple locations and countries and omnichannel distribution in most countries around the world.

The challenge:

Identifying counterfeit and grey market product flows

Global FMCG companies need a system which, besides fulfilling requirements on food traceability, also makes it possible to unify and improve their distribution overview. FMCG supply chains are characterized by being very complex, comprised of wholly owned manufacturing and warehousing facilities, different third-party manufacturing and warehousing facilities, and products sold in convenience stores worldwide. For some companies, it was to a great extent a manual process to trace a product in the supply chain, if even possible at all. Our customers – global FMCG brand owners – are facing counterfeit issues and want a solution which is able to support them in identifying counterfeit and grey market product flows worldwide to minimize consumer risk and protect brand value.

Our solution:

Real-time overview of stock level and distribution

Tracking is achieved through the Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ platform, which gives access to a real-time visibility overview of the product movements in the global supply chain. Integrating data from ERP and WMS systems across all involved supply chain parties enables seamless and fast track and trace. Real-time overview of stock level and distribution flow across their global supply chain is now found in one central system, enabling tracing at any specific level within a few seconds. It tracks finished products from production site through distribution onwards to the first paying customer.

The Benefits:

Full visibility and real-time brand protection

  • Supply chain visibility
  • Compliance with regulations and customer
  • Requirement on traceability
  • Protection of brand value
  • Recall capabilities
  • Consumer safety

Further Results:

Multiple benefits by implementing the lyngsoe live logistics™

The customer has gained multiple benefits by implementing the Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ Platform, as the full visibility and traceability have supported them in meeting legal requirements as well as optimizing their global supply chain. They have improved the protection of their strong brands against brand value erosion and at the same time minimized consumers’ risks.

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