LAN/LTE on our RTLS RFID portals

We are happy to announce the upcoming release of our new product on the RTLS platform. From Q3 2021, our RTLS Portals will become available with LAN and LTE as optional connectivity technologies.

More options - More flexibility

With the new connectivity options, our product portfolio becomes more flexible. Our RTLS portals will be available in the following configurational setups:

  • RTLS 45XX Wi-Fi only
  • RTLS 45XX Wi-Fi & LAN
  • RTLS 45XX Wi-Fi & LTE

The new portals with multiple connectivity options give our customers fallback options if the 1st prioritized connection fails.
Also, it provides even greater installation flexibility between sites with LAN or no LAN connection. It extends operational possibilities by using LTE in areas with no internet connectivity (Wi-Fi or LAN). And finally, customers who have already invested cost in LAN-cabling can utilize their infrastructure.

All portals are still equipped with BLE

All products in our portfolio are equipped with embedded BLE as standard and allow leveraging multiple new possibilities and benefits.

  • Get reliable data to enable tracking on tagged assets (containers, roll cagers) in your logistics network.
  • Provides the capabilities to manage the volume associated with the assets at any given time. We are enabling the possibility of transport optimization.

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