Understanding AI's Potential: Our Collaboration with Aalborg University

Lyngsoe Systems A/S and Aalborg University's Department of Computer Science have teamed up on the AI4SD project to explore AI's real-world impact on software development. This collaboration aims to enhance productivity, satisfaction, and code quality, with final results to be presented on May 29, 2024.

The AI4SD Research Project

Since September 2023, Lyngsoe Systems A/S has collaborated with the Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University on the research project AI4SD. The project aims to understand how artificial intelligence (AI) tools can impact professional practices in developing advanced software systems. It aims to move beyond the current hype about AI with insights from real-world software development.

Lyngsoe Systems is engaged in the AI4SD project by experimenting with AI tools in their software development practices. This experimentation will provide real-world insights into the actual impact of these tools on productivity, satisfaction, and code quality. The gathered insights are then shared and compared with insights from experiments in three other companies in the AI4SD project. 

The researchers involved are excited by the collaboration with Lyngsoe Systems; as Associate Professor John Stouby Persson states: “These tools do not only have a large impact on companies. They may require us as researchers and teachers to think differently about software processes and what we teach our Computer Science and Software Engineering students. To do this well, we need real-world insights from companies like Lyngsoe Systems”. The final results from the AI4SD project will be presented on May 29th, 2024, at the “AI i Nordjylland” event organized by DigitalLead in the Innovate building at the Aalborg University campus. 

At Lyngsoe Systems we aim at improving the use of AI in software development within our company, and this project helps guide the usage in an efficient manner. Further, it allows for assisting in determining the efficacy of implementing new technology such as this. As Thorbjørn Martens Illemann, Senior Product Manager at Lyngsoe Systems states: “Through the collaboration with the Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University, we are aiming towards using AI for our software development in a more sophisticated and reliable way. This will allow us to increase our software and product quality, as well as improving our time to market. Further, projects such as these allow us to provide the newest tools for our employees as well as furthering our collaboration with knowledge - and research institutions”.

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