External Sustainability: The impact of our solutions

We are committed to enabling sustainability impact for our customers through our products and solutions, ultimately creating a positive impact on society and on the climate.

Helping customers achieve their sustainability targets

There is an increased market demand for solutions supporting sustainability, such as reduced carbon footprint and improved asset traceability and compliance. Many of Lyngsoe Systems’ customers have already committed to ambitious emission reductions or other sustainability targets.

Our solutions have inherent sustainability features that contribute to ESG value creation for our customers and help them in achieving their sustainability targets. Still, we aim to continuously improve our communication and documentation of the estimated positive ESG impact that our products and solutions enable our customers.

The specific sustainability benefits naturally differ across Lyngsoe Systems various industry business areas, which are respectively Library and Logistics (Airports & Airlines, Healthcare, Logistics & Supply Chain, and Postal). Yet, below are selected examples of ESG benefits that the implementation of our logistics automation solutions enables:

  • Environmental: Enables reduced GHG emissions and footprint for customers
  • Social: Enables (some) customers to improve social contributions (e.g., patient safety and quality of education)
  • Governance: Enables traceability for customers in the supply chain and regulatory compliance

For a start, Lyngsoe Systems have been working on estimating and documenting ESG impact potentials for a selection of our solutions within Library, Healthcare and Postal based on customer use cases.

We look forward to sharing more about this with you.

Our sustainability vision below, is set to act as a guiding star for our work with sustainability going forward:

"Empowering customers on their sustainability journey"