Sustainability Vision and Strategy

Sustainability covers a broad range of topics related to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) by which we aim to contribute to, respectively, reduction of environmental footprint, empowerment of people, and enablement of responsible governance practices.

To focus on where Lyngsoe Systems as a company have the biggest impact, and are most impacted, we have in 2022 conducted a double materiality assessment to identify material sustainability topics for Lyngsoe Systems.

Overall, Lyngsoe Systems are committed to create a sustainability impact both internally and externally:

  • Internal Sustainability is about how we realize our own sustainability ambitions and targets. It thereby includes all ESG efforts for own operations and employees.

  • External Sustainability is about how we help our surroundings achieve their sustainability ambitions and targets. Thereby, this is about the inherent sustainability features of our commercial products and solutions that contribute to delivering ESG impact for our customers.

Sustainability Strategy

Our focused sustainability strategy consists of a 2022-2024 roadmap plan, which outlines our sustainability journey going forward. This includes a range of tangible and detailed key initiatives which are being executed on to continuously improve our efforts within sustainability, both internally and commercially.

Ultimately our aim and purpose of the strategy is both to fulfil our own and our surroundings’ increasing expectations and demands within sustainability, as well as to create an additional value-creating impact commercially.


Our sustainability vision below, is set to act as a guiding star for our work with sustainability going forward:

"Empowering customers on their sustainability journey"