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CASE: Danpo A/S

Reception of live birds with RFID on transport modules


23 trucks from all over the country transport approximately 200,000 chickens for slaughter at Danpo’s plant in North Jutland per day. Danpo A/S is a division in the Scandi Standard group of poultry companies.


inaccurate data on the bird's weight

At Danpo, the standard way to record the average weight of chickens was to weigh the truck on a weighbridge and its entire cargo on arrival. This process was repeated on departure when the truck had been emptied and cleaned. This method led to inaccuracies, due to all the dirt, water, etc. on the truck at arrival, which was included at the original weighing on arrival, but not on the exit weighing; therefore giving inaccurate data on the bird’s weight.


Lyngsoe Systems equipped around 500 chicken modules with robust RFID tags

In order to eliminate this problem, Danpo implemented a system that only weighs the chicken cages while at the same time keeping track of where the birds came from.

Danpo opted for an RFID solution, where Lyngsoe Systems equipped around 500 chicken modules with robust RFID tags, which can tolerate tough handling impact, temperature fluctuations, high-pressure washing, and disinfection. The modules are rolled into a dark room to reduce stress for the chickens as much as possible. The modules with the boxes (each of which contains around 42 chickens) are weighed in pairs on the conveyor belt. When the chickens are taken out for slaughter, and the modules and boxes have been cleaned and disinfected, the modules are weighed again, giving the exact weight of the content of each module.


Less stress - high tracebility

  • High level traceability
  • Less stress for animals while processing
  • Saved time on weight registration
  • More precise weighing


optimizes every aspect

When the trucks enter the factory, we used to weigh them on a weighbridge with the chickens on board. We weighed the trucks again once they had been offloaded. But we wanted to be able to weigh the chickens on arrival in a more simple and accurate way.

This was linked to the opening of a new reception area at the slaughterhouse, which gives improved animal welfare, and the introduction of a new module/box system, which optimizes every aspect of live bird transport. That’s why this is the perfect solution for our weighing setup – and the solution Lyngsoe Systems is supplying gives us a host of valuable information.

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