Lyngsoe Library

John Stausholm of Gladsaxe Libraries

”For us, this has been one of the best processes we have been involved in for such a large system. We are very pleased with the result.”

”Height-adjustable staff inductions are also a clear advantage for our employees. They can easily adjust the induction to a suitable height so that there is no discomfort if you have to stand there for a little longer.”

Gladsaxe Libraries




The role of libraries changes as society makes other demands on the modern library, which is why Gladsaxe Libraries in 2017 decided to develop and optimize their work processes to free up resources to be used to strengthen digital efforts, support learning, and strengthen their role as a meeting place for local residents. Gladsaxe libraries also wanted to improve the ergonomics for their employees, so it was important to find a solution that could improve the working positions and procedures of the library workers.


With a focus on operations development and workflow optimization, Gladsaxe decided to implement a new sorting solution in 2018. A Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000 was installed and went into operation in the spring of 2019. It consists of a three-story sorting facility that automatically sorts around 3,000 books daily according to the categories in which they are placed in the library. Together with the introduction of an Intelligent Material Management System (IMMS™) and floating collections, the facility enables streamlined
item handling. IMMS™ is a logistics system that complements your existing library system and creates an unprecedented level of transparency in your materials flow. With the help of new data collection tools, the materials can be tracked to the shelf, shelving cart, transport bin, or storage location.

Gladsaxe Libraries are particularly pleased with their Lyngsoe Ergo Carts™, where a push on a button can raise a stack of books from vertical to horizontal, making reshelving easy and ergonomic. John Stausholm says, “We have purchased two tote stackers for the sorter. This makes it possible to stack up to three boxes on top of each other as they are filled. The totes can then be lowered onto the transport-dolly and hauled away. This is a big help in chutes where a lot of items end up”.

  • Freeing up resources; focus on customers
  • Intelligently managed floating collections
  • The Sort Mate 2000 streamlines work processes and ensures collection handling efficiency
  • Significantly less manual item handling
  • Better ergonomics and less lifting

Naestved Library can currently devote more resources to collaboration and cultural content – not because the collection is no longer the focal point, but because IMMS™ relieves the time-consuming tasks and frees up resources to serve as a cultural focal point for the local community, as is expected of a modern library.

”With IMMS™, material handling has gone from a resource-intensive library task to a semi-automated logistics task, which means that librarians have more time for all the other necessary tasks of a modern public library.” ”We now feel like one unified library, as IMMS™ helps to look across all branches, so we now have the entire collection available for all citizens.” Mads Jacob Dyhr-Rasmussen, Naestved Library


Gladsaxe Libraries are located near the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, and consist of five branches with more than 800,000 visitors annually. The libraries have an ongoing focus on developing and optimizing their operations, which is why they chose to implement a new book sorter at the Main Library in 2019. The libraries have also invested in Lyngsoe Systems’ IMMS™, which ensures intelligently floating collection and streamlines their item handling. Lyngsoe Systems’ solutions enable the release of
resources and workflow optimization, so libraries can focus on their role as local community centers.