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With the latest generation in Automated Material Handling Systems for libraries, Sort Mate™ 2000, you will significantly improve circulation, while reducing cost and the need for physical handling of materials. Library book sorting has never been easier, and the Lyngsoe Systems' Sort Mate™ sorter series is sustainable, and modular, allowing the same fast, accurate, and reliable quality to lift the performance in both a central sorting facility and in a branch library.

Automating Returns with a Book Sorter Brings a Host of Benefits to Your Library

Improved Circulation

Immediate check-in of materials returned by patrons and high-speed library book sorting makes sure the materials in demand reach the next patron as fast as possible. No more waiting for days on fulfillment of the next hold.

Minimum Physical Contact

Automated material handling solutions minimize the number of touches on materials. By implementing smart book return and sorting solutions, human contact is minimized and hygiene is improved.

Reduced Need for Tying Up Staff

The number of staff needed to handle returns and holds can be minimized. The physical stress of lifting materials is minimized, and the reliable Lyngsoe solutions can run largely unmanned.


Sort Mate™ 2000 Stands on the Shoulders of Earlier Generations


With every new generation and update of the Lyngsoe sorter solutions, new technical advancements have been added to form the current 2000 series.

High-speed and accurate sorting

Modular to fit the unique libraries around the world

Advanced, yet simple to use controls

All this makes it possible to use the same modules and control software for branch sorters, main library sorters, and dedicated central sorters.

Guidelines For Defining Your Needs

When you start the process towards automating your sorting process of physical items in your library, the starting point should be the service level, you want to offer your patrons or “customers”.

The role of the library is constantly evolving, and many ideas originating in retail are finding their way into libraries across the World. Libraries as a whole are in fact in many ways already ahead of many industries in terms of standards, digitization, and working towards societal goals.

The automation of physical sorting of library items has been around for many years, but still new to many, however, the value to patrons and staff is evident.

Work Smarter and Design Your Own Lyngsoe Sorter

In the modular system, you have a number of options to meet your unique requirements and needs. Lyngsoe Systems is always happy to listen, advise, and design a system layout optimized to your needs and available space.

The modular system can be scaled from the smallest with one destination to +100 destinations and with a range of different inductions to fit your library design.

The right balance should be determined by your number of returns over time, available space, and the number of staff you want to allocate. Lyngsoe Systems is always happy to take a dialogue on your needs and wants.

Our Automated Material Handling System Improves Your Processes

When designing your sorter you also with benefit can consider the process around it and beyond.

Totes, carts trolleys waiting for a replacement or already full need to have space allocated, and the flow in and out of the room are important to consider.

Taking a step further, Lyngsoe offers advanced logistical software to support the complete process across the library system:

TCS - Tote Check-in Server to keep track of tote contents and batch-handling

IMMS - Intelligent, automated floating collections, paperless and space-saving


Why High Speed and Accuracy Matters

This enhancement is actually already a part of the package. Lyngsoe sorter operates at a very high speed, meaning items are processed much faster than it would be possible for humans.

And the accurate control, which allows the Lyngsoe sorter to split/divide a single module into two destinations, also ensures that items deliberately are discharged (or diverted) to spread them out across the length of the container/receptacle.

This is important as it translates to a better, automatic fill rate of the container, meaning even less need for human attendance to or interaction with the sorter. A Lyngsoe sorter will quickly become a cherished and trusted “colleague” in smart libraries.

Ergonomic Because Staff Health Matters

Automation in itself significantly reduces the physical stress of your staff by letting the machines take over tedious as well as wear and tear on joints and muscles.

The process of bringing the books from the sorter to shelf remains, but this can also be relieved even further by choosing Lyngsoe Ergo Cart™ and Ergo Bin™. Read more about them at the destinations above, the essence being, that your staff is your most important asset, so let’s take good care of them – that is the smarter option.


Reliability and Good Service Matters

With a book sorter, you are potentially opening service to patrons 24/7/365, so you need to be able to trust the product quality and the service provided by your supplier. At Lyngsoe Systems you are in safe hands. Already entrusted by a long, international list of renowned libraries the robustness and reliability of Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ sorters are tried and tested.

Lyngsoe sorters integrate seamlessly with your ILS/LMS. The innovative ‘Intelligent Material Management System™’ (IMMS) software even adds extra intelligence.

Appreciating libraries need for high reliability of operation, all our hardware and software products are easy to operate, maintain and service by design and the highly skilled Lyngsoe Systems service team is ready to answer your call.

Remote Access and Service (LSS)

Though Lyngsoe’s solutions are designed and built to ensure a highly reliable operation, like other things in life, they last longer, if they are taken good care of, and we are happy to assist you through our after-sales services.

Lyngsoe offers different service options, reaching from specialists coming onsite to an advanced remote monitoring service called Lyngsoe Secure Solution to allow you and Lyngsoe to keep track of the performance of your equipment and preempt problems before they occur.

Meet the Libraries

that are Leading the Way

Gladsaxe Libraries 

”Height-adjustable staff inductions are also a clear advantage for our employees. They can easily adjust the induction to a suitable height so that there is no discomfort if you have to stand there for a little longer.”


John Stausholm, Head of Library Operations.

Read case story: Gladsaxe libraries

Hamburg Library

“Ergonomics is the doctrine of human labour. We wanted to improve the working conditions for our staff and create a healthier working environment. Together with Lyngsoe Systems we have developed the Ergo Box that enables library staff to remove the media from the sorting system while standing upright as much as possible. As the box floor moves up and down automatically, materials can always be handled at a back-friendly height, which reduces the risk of back pain.”


Carolin Rohrssen, Bücherhallen Hamburg.

Read case story: Hamburg library

Numerous Benefits to Automating the Library Return Process

“The partnership with Lyngsoe Systems was very service-oriented. We were able to rely on the team’s professional and competent advice during both the planning and implementation of Lyngsoe’s products.”

Automatic Book Return in Dortmund

The library’s customers had no problems at all with the new return machines, so there was very little need for support from the start.

Ergonomics on a Big Scale

“Odense Libraries have achieved a better physical working environment due to fewer or almost no heavy lifting. This implies employee satisfaction and the expectation of fewer days of sick leave.”

Average Turnaround Time Down From Days to Hours

With circulation approaching one million items a year, Worcester Public Library needed to switch from manual to automated material handling.

Automation – A Core Factor in Innovative Library Success

Darien Library is making its mark through excellent and wide-ranging customer service, which they attribute partly to the automation systems that have raised the library’s operational pace and efficiency, making its core services fast and easy to use.

The Lyngsoe Ergo Box™ Creates a Better Working Environment

"Together with Lyngsoe Systems we have developed the Ergo Box that enables library staff to remove the media from the sorting system while standing upright as much as possible. As the box floor moves up and down automatically, materials can always be handled at a back-friendly height, which reduces the risk of back pain."

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