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CASE: Pack and Sea A/S

Tracking 350,000 returnable transport assets

About Pack & Sea

Pack and Sea A/S ( is a company formed by the ten leading Danish fishing ports to manage fish crate logistics. A total of more than 225,000 crates and add other types of assets circulating around multiple locations made tracking, invoicing and control an extremely complicated – and expensive – task.


Where are the crates located

Knowing the whereabouts of 350,000 fish crates used to land fish was a former nightmare for the Danish fishing industry. Not only did each fishing port not always know where its allocated crates were, but they were facing a very big loss of crates, as these were not returned


UHF RFID tags uniquely identifying each fish crate.

Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ Asset Management solution includes, that each crate is fitted with two specially designed UHF RFID tags uniquely identifying each fish crate. Fixed RFID readers placed at each “high flow” handover point combined with handheld terminals at other handover points track the flow of crates through the supply chain from crate storage to fishing vessel to port to auction to processing company or exporter to the washing machine and finally back to storage. All transactions in the transport flow are registered. Data is sent to a central server hosted by Lyngsoe Systems generating online reports and providing data for invoicing.

 The data can be used for:

  • Cutting logistics costs for the entire industry
  • Reducing investment in assets
  • Invoice purposes
  • Food traceability

The system was relatively easy to launch and was welcomed by the fishing industry. Benefits include full traceability, enhanced quality, and food safety.

Bent Kirk, CEO of Pack and Sea


Implementing Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics Asset Management meant

  • Reduction in the number of misplaced and lost crates – Procurement of new asset declined by more than 50%
  • Complete visibility and traceability for all fish throughout the fresh food supply chain – Meeting legal requirements for food traceability automatically
  • Documentation of transactions and flow of fish crates used for invoicing
  • Asset utilization increased by over 200%
  • Reduced transport cost as transport can be directed to locations where there is a need for crates or the specific type of crates
  • Automating data capture and using the system for administering the manpower related to administration has been reduced by 70%


full visibility into the flow of returnable transport assets

The system gives Pack and Sea full visibility into the flow of returnable transport assets from the ship to the end-user. Asset Management does not only create a real-time overview of the number of fish crates in each area in the supply chain, but it also documents each fish crate’s actual status and ownership. The fish inside the crate is linked to the crate, so complete food traceability is another benefit of the system. The system stores information on catch date and location, fish species, and other data, automatically uploaded to Pack and Sea’s database.

Full visibility and traceability, major cost savings, and revenue generated from rental services make fish crate logistics an attractive business, and Pack and Sea are now expanding their services to new customers due to the system. 

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