Our interpretation of CSR

To us here at Lyngsoe Systems, corporate social responsibility is the creation of social, environmental, and economic value for both short- and long-term business success and responsible global development.

In line with this definition, we aim to align our sustainability strategy with our corporate strategy.

Lyngsoe Systems Coporate Social Responsibility
We support the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact
Supporting the UN Global Compact

Our colleagues, customers, and partners trust Lyngsoe Systems based on our reputation for professional competence and integrity. This is a reputation we have built over the last 40 years, and it is reflected in every action that we take.

To ensure that all business at Lyngsoe Systems is conducted in a socially responsible manner, we fully support the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of Human and Labor Rights, Environment, and Anti-Corruption.

We have also chosen a selected number of SDGs, which we believe Lyngsoe Systems and our solutions contribute to attaining. These SDGs have been placed within each of Lyngsoe Systems’ CST focus areas: Employees & Partners, Environment, Human & Labor Rights, Anti-Corruption, and Security.

"At Lyngsoe Systems, our approach to behaving responsibly is underpinned by our values of building lasting relationships with all of our stakeholders through expert knowledge, commitment, thoroughness and trustworthiness"


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Our ambition is to grow responsibly
while enhancing the quality of life for our employees and stakeholders.

Our ambitions for 2022

Good health & well-being

We aim to ensure healthcare benefits at all Lyngsoe Systems locations, e.g. establish a physical exercise training offer at our headquarters.

Improve Lyngsoe Systems’ Employee Experience by an initiative, where we will involve our employees in identifying concrete improvement areas for health and well-being.

Improve our long-term employee engagement score from an average score of 7.83 (out of 10) in 2021 to 8.0 in 2024. Thus, the 2022 target is a weighted average score of 7.89. The score is continuously derived from our quarterly employee satisfaction survey.

Lyngsoe Systems CSR
Lyngsoe Systems CSR

Quality education

To promote educational collaborations, we wish to ensure min. 3-4 % (today the number is 2.3 %) of the company are trainees or student workers on a continuous basis, which also includes project collaborations with students from educational institutions.

Improve our employees’ capabilities for the future by launching a learning platform offering relevant professional area courses and with a KPI of minimum one course/education/training day per employee, per year.

Decent work & economic growth

The more widespread our ergonomic and automated solutions are adopted by our customers, the libraries, the more we make a sustainable difference in the world by contributing to decent work for people. Hence, we continuously wish to place and replace the most possible ergonomic and automated solutions for new as well as existing customers.

Lyngsoe Systems CSR
Lyngsoe Systems CSR

Industry & innovation

We strive to invest a minimum of 3% of our revenue from 2022 into in-house research, development and innovation to support being a part of producing and delivering smarter and more responsible products and solutions in this industrialized world.

Sustainable consumption & production

A strategic initiative for Lyngsoe Systems is to get a minimum of 10 new IMMS customers outside Denmark, and therethrough increase the environmental focus and paperless processes. 

The strategic initiative “Build transport visibility business” will contribute to creating sustainable value and help our customers optimize and utilize their transport capacity leading to less CO2 emission.

Lyngsoe Systems CSR
Lyngsoe Systems CSR

Responsible consumption production & climate action

We will launch the strategic initiative “Sustainability”, by which we aim to further catalyze our sustainability efforts, and identify specific and relevant KPIs and targets.

We aim to document and communicate the sustainability impact of our current solutions and products. This includes building and launching the first sustainability value proposition business case in 2022.


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