Lyngsoe Systems, 2CQR & P.V. Supa Join Forces


In January 2021, a monumental shift in the library landscape occurred. We, at Lyngsoe Systems, developers in library solutions, announced our acquisition of the P.V. Supa Group. This merger wasn't just about combining two companies; it was about uniting visions, expertise, and a commitment to redefining the library experience on a global scale. Together, with over 50 years of combined experience, we embarked on a mission to empower patrons, streamline operations, and usher in a new era of innovation for libraries worldwide.

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January 2021 - Announcement from Lyngsoe Systems

We at Lyngsoe Systems were pleased to announce that we had acquired the P.V. Supa Group, which included P.V. Supa Oy (Finland), P.V. Supa Inc. (USA), and 2CQR (UK). In P.V. Supa, we found like-minded individuals who also aimed to deliver innovative solutions and superior service to their customers. We were confident that together we would better support forward-thinking libraries worldwide. Our shared belief was: Working for Smarter Libraries. We worked towards merging the companies and their complementary solutions, but our primary focus remained on supporting our customers.

Lyngsoe Systems and P.V. Supa Group Joined Forces

The future of libraries was redefined with the dynamic partnership between Lyngsoe Systems, P.V. Supa Oy (Finland), P.V. Supa Inc. (USA), and 2CQR (UK). This partnership aimed to modernize patron empowerment and library innovation. We invited everyone to join us in redefining how libraries served their communities globally and to embrace the power of self-service solutions for a seamless patron experience.

In the ever-evolving landscape of libraries, innovation was essential. Lyngsoe Systems and P.V. Supa Group had united to become a powerhouse in intelligent automation solutions for libraries. Our partnership promised to redefine library services and empower patrons in unprecedented ways.

A Shift Towards Patron Empowerment

Traditionally, libraries had relied heavily on staff for tasks such as item borrowing and returning. This dynamic changed, thanks to our innovative approach. We introduced self-service equipment and access solutions that allowed patrons to handle these routine tasks, enabling library staff to focus on new and engaging activities.

Enhanced Patron Experience

The introduction of self-service equipment and access solutions not only streamlined library operations but also enhanced the overall patron experience. These solutions empowered patrons to be active participants in their library experience, fostering a more engaging and dynamic atmosphere.

A Global Merger

One of the most significant developments in this collaboration was our acquisition of P.V. Supa Group in January 2021. This acquisition united the Finnish-based P.V. Supa Group, its UK counterpart (2CQR), and its US counterpart (P.V. Supa Inc.), creating a global leader in intelligent automation solutions for libraries. With a combined 50 years of experience, our partnership leveraged innovative capabilities and promised to revolutionize libraries worldwide.

All in this Together - Empowerment

Our collaboration with P.V. Supa Group marked a significant step forward in library services. By prioritizing patron empowerment and efficiency, our partnership transformed how libraries operated and how patrons engaged with their services. As libraries played an increasingly vital role in communities, our combined strengths led the way into a new era of library innovation, modern solutions, and quality.