Case Story: Naestved Library

From resource-intensive processes to a modern library that is better for both librarians and users

”With IMMS™, material handling has gone from a resource-intensive librarian task to a semiautomated logistics process, giving the librarians time for all the other necessary projects in a modern public library.”

Mads Jacob Dyhr-Rasmussen of Naestved Library

About the library

Areawise, Naestved Municipality is the fifth largest on Zealand. Naestved Library and Citizen Service Center consist of the main library centrally located in Naestved town, four smaller branches in the surrounding towns, and two book boxes located in a shopping
center and a summer cottage area. There are approximately 65 employees, of whom about 15 are employed in the Citizen Service Center. The library’s physical collection consists of approximately 165,000 items. In 2019, the library circulated 307,000 items and had 460,000 visits.

The challenge

Too much time spend on logistics tasks and locating materials

Until 2016, Naestved Library, like many other libraries, saw an increased focus on releasing library resources for other projects. The library’s role in the community was changing (and still is), with new requirements for the library to provide a framework for more than just the physical collection. Such requirements take time from the individual librarians. The physical collection is still a core product at the library, but staff spent too much time on logistics tasks and found it difficult to locate materials; packed shelves were also a major problem. Naestved Library, therefore, sought a solution that could remedy this and, at the same time, release library resources for other tasks.


The solution

The logistics system IMMS™ creates transparency in materials flow

Naestved Library sought a solution to release library resources and found it in an Intelligent Material Management System (IMMS™). IMMS™ is a logistics system that complements your existing library system and creates an unprecedented level of transparency in your materials flow. With the help of new data collection tools, the materials can be tracked to the shelf, shelving cart, transport bin, or storage location. IMMS™ looks across the collection of all branches, which is an advantage in terms of materials’ distribution and maintenance, exhibitions selections, and much more.

Næstved Library is particularly pleased with the potentials for setting up the varied exhibition, which was a very time-consuming task before. With IMMS™, the process is simplified and, as IMMS™ uses the entire library collection, the individual branch has the entire collection available.

Mads Dyhr-Rasmussen explains: ”Before it took a lot of manual searches in the library  system to get a complete picture of the collection, yet you still  couldn’t make the same calculations and extract the same information that you can with the IMMS™.”

Both librarians and library users benefit from IMMS™ at Naestved Library, as users are now offered better content on the shelves, and the librarians have better workflows.



Accurate and current picture of the entire collection

  • Better use of library resources
  • Better exhibitions management
  • A more accurate picture of the current status
  • No packed shelves and control of duplicates
  • IMMS™ is an extra layer on top of our library
    system; IMMS™ displays a more accurate picture
    of the current status
  • IMMS™ includes the ability to extract detailed
    statistics about the materials and their


The results

Resources freed to be spend on collaboration and cultural content

Naestved Library can currently devote more resources to collaboration and cultural content – not because the collection is no longer the focal point, but because IMMS™ relieves the time-consuming tasks and frees up resources to serve as a cultural focal point for the local community, as is expected of a modern library.

”With IMMS™, material handling has gone from a resource-intensive library task to a semi-automated logistics task, which means that librarians have more time for all the other necessary tasks of a modern public library.” ”We now feel like one unified library, as IMMS™ helps to look across all branches, so we now have the entire collection available for all citizens.” Mads Jacob Dyhr-Rasmussen, Naestved Library

”IMMS™ provides more precise and detailed information about where the items are located.”

Mads Jacob Dyhr-Rasmussen

Naestved Library