Case Story: Northamptonshire Libraries

Hublet – the perfect digital resource

“Our implementation of the Hublet solution, for both staff and library users, has enabled us to promote our digital resources to a much wider audience. A real added benefit of Hublet is the ability for customers to choose where they sit, providing comfort and more privacy than the traditional computer suites.”

Jaisant Patel, Systems Co-ordinator

About Northamptonshire Libraries

Northamptonshire Libraries have fifteen council operated libraries, covering both city and rural locations, that offer library users access to Hublet. Under the LibraryPlus brand, the libraries have always strived to offer a wide range of services. Alongside traditional media, the library service provides online and home services, business support and health and wellbeing resources. All libraries also run regular events for all ages, many of which became digital experiences during recent lockdowns.

Improving functionality

what was needed?

Northamptonshire Libraries have a continuous programme of improvement and, in 2016, were looking to develop ways their library users could access their digital resources on devices that were not traditional PCs, but accessible mobile devices with a more familiar touchscreen interface like smartphones.

At that stage, their existing PCs were the focus of their plans, with predominant thoughts of ensuring they had the latest technology and making users more digital savvy. With this in mind, the libraries team began discussions with suppliers. Most were offering some elements of what they were looking for but not an all-in-one solution, which was the preferred option. There appeared to be nothing available at the time that met all requirements and future proofed the library service moving forward.

The goals were:

  • Increasing digital access, safely and securely
  • Using digital tools to support traditional library activities, such as programmes and access to resources
  • Procuring tools that offer flexibility and adaptability in the face of the changing digital world
  • Adding new technologies without the burden on stretched library staff and IT resources


The Hublet solution

During discussions with suppliers, 2CQR Lyngsoe showed the libraries team the Hublet solution, a comprehensive tablet sharing and management service. This product seemed not only to tick all the boxes for users, enabling access to digital resources in the library, but also had significant differences to the PC offering. Further investigation with 2CQR Lyngsoe gave the libraries team more ideas on how this tablet loan offering could provide both staff and users with a modern, cutting-edge, problem-solving solution.


The solution

Sharing the digital world

The Hublet solution consists of tablets that are loaned from a secure docking station and state-of-the-art management software to create and manage content and hardware. No staff is needed to supply or monitor returns and its automated features ensure full data privacy.


  • Automated borrowing, return registration, charging and wiping of user data
  • Borrow and return options include library card, PIN code and QR code
  • Management software controls the content and automates updates of applications and software


Users can access digital resources, such as e-books, audiobooks, digital newspapers and selected applications from the Play Store. These digital resources and any other content are fully controlled by the library service and can be tailored to different profiles of patrons.

The libraries team not only saw the main benefits of the Hublet system, but also realised that tablets were a far easier and flexible way of accessing resources – a modern approach.

However, with the pandemic changing library usage, the team saw other ways it could maximise the tablet system. Staff began using them for online team and Zoom meetings, interacting with staff in other libraries and to search for and prepare the Select and Collect service offered to library users. Staff could, with the Hublet tablets, be more mobile in the library, using them as signposts with users, for checking stock and promoting the wide range of services offered by the library.



Solution for all

The libraries team quickly identified the opportunities offered by Hublet for both staff and library users. Staff use them to have easy access to the Library Management System, corporate emails and for signposting users to services and resources offered by the library service and the wider council and partners. It was also a far easier way for library users to self-serve when requiring the Internet, reducing staff interaction compared to using a public PC.

Tablets are a more user-friendly way to offer digital resources than PCs. A personal and easily handled unit, the tablet could be moved around the library, used in more comfortable areas and ideal for users who struggled with sitting at desks for PC access. The tablet is also the technology of choice for users; most are familiar with tablets but, with simple direction, any user can quickly grasp the basics and access the material they want. To help with the move to tablet technology, staff and volunteers provided a series of one-to-one help sessions.


Benefits for patrons:

  • Fast and secure loaning and returning, with no personal data stored
  • Access to tailored and appropriate content
  • Tablets can be moved around the library, which is better for entertainment, browsing and programme/event usage


Benefits for staff:

  • Increases opportunities for patron engagement
  • Enables staff to engage away from behind a staff desk
  • Makes it easier to provide the right content and resources


Benefits for the library:

  • Frees up PCs for different use and takes less space than PCs
  • Reduces burden on stretched staff and IT resources
  • Minimal installation time means the solution is up and running fast

The results

A winning solution

From providing staff with a convenient, powerful management and customer help tool to offering library users easy access to digital material, Hublet has proved a real winner.

Installation was straightforward and staff and users accepted the new system with no problems. The Hublet tablets are of high specification and very reliable. All the libraries have seen a significant increase in digital access since their introduction. Users like the portability of the tablets; being hand-held they create a more casual environment than having to use a desk and are ideal for those users who find desk access difficult.

Security and cleanliness are also high priority within a library environment and the Hublet system is perfect for this. All tablets are easy to clean physically and, with premium security and privacy features, they also ensure no loss of equipment or compromising of users’ data.

The reopening

“Installations went perfectly, we now have a station with six tablets in each of our fifteen council libraries. It is our intention, finances permitting, to invest in more digital services using Hublet technology. Our staff and users are very happy with the ease of use and range of services available on the tablets. We have seen an increase in digital access by users and, so far, no need to call upon 2CQR Lyngsoe with any issues.”

Jaisant Patel

Systems Co-ordinator

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