Case Story: Walsall NHS Trust

National health service library – better with 2CQR

“We couldn’t fault 2CQR’s delivery on this project. Their pre-installation visit enabled us to plan with them, not just the practical positioning and installation issues, but also our preferred features and functions of the software”.

Jacqui Watkeys, Head of Library and Knowledge Services

About the library

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust provides local general hospital and community services to around 260,000 people in Walsall and the surrounding area. It is the only provider of NHS acute care in the town, providing inpatient and outpatient services at the hospital as well as a wide range of services in the community.

Library and Knowledge Services is pivotal in supporting the Trust’s vision of becoming your partners for first-class integrated care. Open 24/7 and staffed from 08:30 to 17:00 the library serves approximately 200 users daily, including doctors, nurses, students, health professionals, and volunteers. It is also a member of a consortium that provides access to the services and collections of NHS libraries throughout Birmingham, Solihull, and the Black Country, collectively known as BASE.

Improving functionality

Upgrade required

The previous self-service and security system was originally adequate for the library’s needs. However, it was becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to service; plus the existing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) units had become obsolete.

To upgrade the system, a tender invitation was sent to three major suppliers. In analyzing their responses; and after taking into account the views of other library managers, the library team identified 2CQR as offering the best products, service, and price.


The solution

Practical features

The self-service issue and return kiosk complete with Librid software is a success with both the users and the library staff. For users, the system is fast and easy to use whilst the monthly management reports are a winner with staff. Detailing stock, users, and fines the reports provide a regular, detailed overview of transactions. Updating and customizing of features is easy, either internally by staff or, if needed, with instruction from 2CQR.

The security gates, which feature tracker software, have clear panels and a lightweight appearance. Being unobtrusive they reflect the library’s positive user-friendly approach to stock control. The gate tracker is highly effective in identifying, both with a warning alarm and book identification on the librarian’s workstation, any items not checked out using the kiosk.



User friendly

The system was officially launched on 25th October 2017, following a successful soft launch which was used to test the functionality of the products. This allowed adjustments to be made before a wider promotional release.

Now in operation for over six months the 2CQR system is proving effective. The phrase that crops up constantly is “User Friendly”. Staff have found it fast and simple to use and users have appreciated the ease of use and appreciate its convenience.


The results

“Working with our library and Estates team 2CQR were able to complete the installation in just two days”. We have found 2CQR very responsive to all our requests, they answer all our queries either over the phone or, when needed, on-site” and “there has been no negative feedback; in fact, all our feedback has been positive”.

Liz Askew, Evidence-Based Information Specialist

 “The system had some things we wished to change….small things like wording on the kiosk, and although we had retagged the books there were some barcodes that were rejected…these issues were all resolved satisfactorily by 2CQR who were supportive at all times”.

Liz Askew

Evidence-Based Information Specialist

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