Ballerup Libraries: A Pioneer with IMMS™

Looking back, some decisions truly stand out in the world of libraries, and Ballerup Libraries' choice is certainly one of them. They joined our IMMS™ family, making a remarkable choice that had many in the library world buzzing.

Why? Because Ballerup Libraries took the plunge into IMMS™ without the backing of an Automated Material Handling system, becoming the first of our partners to navigate this path. It wasn’t just about adopting a new system; they also played a pivotal role as development partners. Their insights from the front lines are helping shape how IMMS™ serves smaller libraries everywhere.

Reflecting on the decision, Michael Anker from Ballerup Libraries said, “Our goal was clear – elevate our lending rate and enhance user satisfaction. By embracing IMMS™, we aimed to redefine our work procedures.”

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