Malmö Libraries Leap Forward: Embracing IMMS™ for Next-Gen Library Management

Teaser: The Libraries of Malmö elevate their offerings by integrating Lyngsoe Systems' IMMS™, fusing modern logistics with traditional library services. Dive into the dynamic transformation happening in the heart of Malmö.

Malmö Libraries Take a Tech Leap with Lyngsoe Systems’ IMMS™

In their persistent endeavor to push boundaries, the Libraries of Malmö became the pioneering institution in Sweden to integrate Lyngsoe Systems’ Intelligent Material Management System™ (IMMS™). This move, a harmonious blend of world-class logistical practices with library data and processes, illuminates the libraries' commitment to innovation and growth.

Lyngsoe Systems, headquartered in Aars, Denmark, celebrated Malmö's forward-thinking decision, marking yet another milestone in the IMMS™ journey. By integrating IMMS™ with their Sierra Library Management System, the Libraries of Malmö have fortified their expansion plans. The city has always regarded libraries as vital entities, worthy of investment and appreciation.

The collaboration of IMMS™ and Sierra promises unparalleled transparency in managing materials. With cutting-edge data collection, material management, and logistical tools, Malmö's library system can now float items per specific profiles to the required branches. This fine-tuning ensures a vibrant variety of titles for patrons without straining any single location. Moreover, IMMS™ fortifies the quality of data, allowing staff to make informed decisions based on concrete evidence. Handling errors become a relic of the past, and detailed reports bring clarity to item utilization and positioning.

Torbjörn Nilsson, Library Director/CEO of The Libraries of Malmö, highlighted the city's ambitions: “We aim for maximum efficiency and growth. Our vision is to have our presence felt in more locations, even if the financial constraints are real.” Malmö's diligent research led them to IMMS™ installations across the Nordics, especially those in Finland's Oodi, Helsinki, and various Danish libraries. Christina Mattisson, a librarian, noted, "IMMS™ is our ticket to optimizing shelf space, ensuring GDPR-compliant paperless operations, and fine-tuning our book purchasing strategies."

Mogens Olsen, Nordic Area Sales Manager at Lyngsoe Systems, reflected on Malmö’s ongoing relationship with Lyngsoe, particularly as experienced users of the Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000 book sorting systems. “Malmö has consistently been a beacon of how integrated technology can amplify the experience for its patrons. With IMMS™, they're set to redefine what's possible, making their libraries even more appealing,” he remarked.

A Glimpse into The Libraries of Malmö

The Libraries of Malmö is a collective of the Main City Library and twelve vibrant branches. A hub of lifelong learning and multicultural entertainment, patrons are treated to over 500,000 media, spanning 50+ languages, an array of magazines, newspapers, films, games, and audiobooks.

Since 2017, all thirteen libraries came together under the Culture Committee, forming "The Libraries of Malmö." Their ethos is rooted in curiosity and fearlessness, navigating societal challenges with cultural innovation and technological advancements. Whether it's their famed author stage, attracting global literary giants, their pioneering initiatives for the youth, or their efforts in narrowing the digital divide, Malmö's libraries have been at the forefront. Notably, they were the first significant library system in Sweden to achieve LGBT certification, solidifying their commitment to inclusivity and active participation

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