Advancing Library Logistics: Liverpool University Embraces Lyngsoe Systems

Embarking on a transformative journey, Liverpool University Library melds traditional library practices with pioneering logistics solutions from Lyngsoe Systems, ensuring a dynamic and efficient experience for its users. Dive into this exciting evolution.

A Leap Into Advanced Library Management

The library at the University of Liverpool is renowned for its keen interest in innovation. Always in pursuit of groundbreaking advances, it aims to provide its users with the best resources and service. Adopting Lyngsoe Systems’ IMMS is a step towards ensuring the library's vast resources are accessible and easily navigable.

The IMMS system, integrated with the Sierra Library Management System, offers transparency like never before. With its sophisticated tools for data collection, management, and logistics, every item in the library can be traced—whether it’s on a shelf, in a cart, a transport bin, or a storage location. Such precision is invaluable in a library that stretches over 15 kms of shelves!

Roy McCready, representing the University of Liverpool, commented on the anticipated benefits. Not only will IMMS streamline the management of the vast collection, but it will also pave the way for innovative services, such as book delivery services and paperless holds.

Echoing these sentiments, Henrik Kjeldgaard from Lyngsoe Systems shared the company's enthusiasm about this collaboration. He emphasized the growing trend of libraries adopting future-focused approaches, ensuring that patrons receive the best service.

Robert Jacobs from Innovative Interfaces Inc. also highlighted the perfect synergy between the Sierra system and Lyngsoe Systems’ IMMS. This collaboration promises optimization of library space, logistics, and real-time management.

A Bit About the Collaborators:

Liverpool University: A prestigious institution located in Liverpool, England, it has been a beacon of higher learning since its establishment in 1881. As one of the six original 'red brick' civic universities, it remains a leading light in the academic world.

Lyngsoe Systems: With a history spanning over four decades, Lyngsoe Systems stands at the forefront of cutting-edge electronic logistics control. Their expertise in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and extensive global installations make them a top choice for logistics solutions in libraries.

Innovative Interfaces Inc.: A global leader in providing technology solutions that enrich and empower libraries and their users, Innovative is a testament to technology's transformative power in the library space.

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